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Lady Beast Metal ImmortalAnxious. Nervous. Excited. And scared. That’s how I felt going into this Metal Immortal EP. It’s the upcoming new material offered up by Pittsburgh’s Lady Beast. Why did I feel that way? Well, I love Lady Beast, their music has affected and touched me, helping to drive my daily life. But I’ve been let down before, by bands that I worship, I am a KISS fan after all! And it becomes even harder when you have a personal relationship, dare I say friendship, with the band. What if it sucks? How do you tell them? Of course, that wasn’t the case here at all!

I enjoyed the self-titled Lady Beast album, but its successor, Lady Beast II emblazoned a profound impression upon me. It placed in a tie for #1 in my top albums of the year (with Diemonds). That should tell you how much I love the album. While both are great, there are differences between the two Lady Beast outputs. The first having a raw and fresh feel to every song, probably assisted due to three different guitar players writing on it. The follow-up, Lady Beast II is a more cohesive unit, with a consistent flow and feel throughout. Yet also feels a little restrained at times.

Now this New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal band are preparing to unveil a four song EP titled Metal Immortal. A few things have changed since the release of the sophomore effort, most notably in that they have found and inducted a permanent new lead guitarist into their coven. The axe-slinger is quite familiar with the band and even myself, in that he was Greg Colaizzi‘s fill-in bassist during the M-Pre-party (unofficial pre-party for the M3 Festival) in 2015, the first time I witnessed Lady Beast in a live setting. Also the elder brother of stalwart Lady Beast skin basher Adam Ramage, Andy is a perfect choice.

Lady Beast – Metal Immortal (EP) Track by Track:Lady Beast (21 of 27)

And so Metal Immortal begins its four composition run time with “Metal Martyr”. The title of this lead off track certainly fits right in place, evoking medieval images, and themes. I clicked “play”. Four minutes and sixteen seconds later I felt as if I was Belloc in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know the scene near the end when he looks into the Ark and his face melts? Yeah, that one.

Next in rapid fire succession, not leaving much time to catch a breath comes “Devil’s Due”. I witnessed this song live during the Lady Beast in Canada mini-tour, so I was familiar with it. Simple yet brow-beating riffs open out into some catchy guitar work overlaid on the thumping back beat provided by Greg and Adam. The band plans to issue this one as a radio single. An excellent choice I say, but check out the video below and share your thoughts.

Another one from the sets played in Canada follows in “Lady of the Battle”. Vocalist Deborah Levine really shines on this one. She exhibits a cool confidence through her throaty lower registers, oozing venom and vigor as she delivers the medievally themed lyrics. On full display here are guitarists Twiz and Andy trading riffs and exhibiting what seems to be a natural cohesiveness to their writing and playing.

Wrapping up Metal Immortal we find “Not This Time”. Absolutely on fire is the best way I can describe this track. It’s like Lady Beast shrugged off all the reigns to blister and bash their way through three and a half minutes of thrashy punk influenced glory.

Lady Beast (10 of 27)Summary of Lady Beast’s Metal Immortal (EP):

Holy crap! Mind blown! Lady Beast absolutely attack and hit you full force in only four songs. I had to literally pick myself up off the floor and dust off before immediately playing Metal Immortal again. If these four compositions are an indication of where Lady Beast is headed for the full-length that they are currently working on, look out!

They really seem to have come into their own here, probably due at least in part to the lineup stability with the addition of Andy. Guitarists Andy and Twiz display an energy, spark, and cohesiveness that you can just feel, almost touch, throughout the listen. The rhythm section held down by thundering basslines supplied by Greg Colaizzi and the younger Ramage brother, Adam, seated behind the kit drive every song forward, often thrusting them into overdrive. Vocalist Deborah Levine has traveled a long way since Lady Beast‘s debut and really seems to have found her comfort zone behind the mic. Her rapid-fire delivery in some areas seethes a piss and vinegar attitude as she spits out the lyrics with venom and vigor. I can’t stop spinning these 4 Lady Beast songs!

On a side note, Deborah Levine is no Lady Beast! Once one of those magazines that publish the “Hottest Women in Metal” lists discover Deborah Levine she’s sure to be a contender. But, watch out boys, she’ll rip your cojones off without a second thought!

From the first time that I met Lady Beast we started something. I’d like to think we’ve become friends, especially after the Canadian tour. Together we shared the immense feeling of music, them playing, me listening, all headbanging. A bond created that cannot be unbroken. Those that don’t understand, probably never will. Those that do….

Pre-orders for the vinyl edition of Metal Immortal started on September 1, 2016, through the band’s website and I’m stoked to know that my physical copy is secured and will be arriving shortly after the release date. You should get yours too, there’s only a limited number of copies!

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