LEGIONS OF METAL II 2018 Announcements (News)

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Legions of Metal IILEGIONS OF METAL II 2018

Born out of the ashes of Ragnarokkr Festival, the premiere Legions of Metal took place in Chicago last year. A fully loaded bill loaded with old school Traditional flavored metal bands from around the world. Held over three days, including a pre-party, the event saw Decibel Geek website editor Rich “The Meister” Dillon making the journey from Toronto. Heralded as a great success by festival attendees and judging by the announcement of year two, organizers also. Get ready for Legions of Metal II!

Legions of Metal‘s sophomore gala will be held on May 18 & 19, 2018. Again the event is set to take over Reggie’s Bar & Grill, a great two stage venue in Chicago. While there will be many many more in the coming weeks, some initial pre-ticket availability announcements have already been unveiled. Those already proclaiming attendance include Savage Master, Bitch, and Widow, all faves of mine! Below are the original Legions of Metal II Facebook announcements:

Reckless Force Legions of Metal IIRECKLESS FORCE:

The Legions of Metal Festival is proud to announce the next band for the second stage for the 2018 fest. RECKLESS FORCE from Manchester, NH. They have been building up a great fan base on the East Coast and has been on our radar for the past year or so. They have the feel for the classic 80’s sound and have been playing more and more higher profile shows. We are thrilled to have this great up in coming band on the fest next year.


Toxik Legions of Metal IITOXIK

The Legions of Metal Festival is proud to announce TOXIK as the next band to be playing the fest in 2018. They are one of the most demanded bands in the past few years. Prepare to hear songs from the two classic albums and stuff off of the brand new EP that was just released entitled Breaking Class. The band has not played the area in over a few decades so do not miss this chance to witness them live. Check out the Facebook page and order the new EP while you are at it.


Savage Master Legions of Metal IISAVAGE MASTER

The Legions of Metal Festival is proud to announce SAVAGE MASTER as the next band playing the 2018 fest. Savage Master is a band everyone knows and loves. They have been touring and playing shows all over and gaining a huge fan base. As one of the hardest working newer bands out there they have grown musically and as a live band too. They are a perfect fit for the fest and we are looking forward to having them in Chicago next May. They just released a new EP entitled Creature of the Flame. We suggest you pick it up now and support this great band. Check them out on Facebook if you have not yet already below.


Redd Barron Legions of Metal IIREDD BARRON

The Legions of Metal Festival is proud to announce the reunion of the Chicago Metal band REDD BARRON for the 2018 festival. This return show will also have all 5 classic members playing as well. This is very rare these days with reunion bands to get the whole band back so we are thrilled.

The band was formed back in 1987 and released two cassette tapes, The Barron’s Here to Rock and Redd Barron. Heaven and Hell Records will be re-issuing these on a CD in the upcoming year as well. We would also like to thank Jeremy Golden for helping with putting this together for us as well.

It is great to have another historic Chicago band coming back to play the festival. We look forward to this special performance next year. Check out below for some samples of what to expect. Keep an eye out for the re-issue and get ready for some classic Chicago metal next year.

Bitch Legions of Metal IIBITCH

The Legions of Metal Festival is proud to announce BITCH for the 2018 festival main stage. BITCH has an amazing history of being the first woman-fronted American metal band to ever be signed to a label and being on two of the Metal Massacre comps put out by Metal Blade Records. Having seen the band play recently at the Frost and Fire Festival I can say everyone is in for a treat. “The Bitch is Back” and ready to put “Fist to Face” in Chicago. Check out the Facebook page and get ready for next year.


Widow Legions of Metal IIWIDOW

Here is the third band to be playing the Legions of Metal Festival in 2018. From North Carolina….WIDOW. The stars have finally aligned and we were able to finally get the timing right to have this great band here in Chicago. Widow are a hidden gem in the US. With 5 full-length albums and the latest one…Carved in Stone is a must own. We are thrilled to have Widow on the fest.


Heir Apparent Legions of Metal IIHEIR APPARENT

The Legions of Metal Festival is proud to announce HEIR APPARENT will be playing the mainstage at the fest in 2018. With two legendary albums and appearances at a few of the greatest festivals overseas, we are thrilled to have them in Chicago next year. You will all want to come and “Tear Down the Walls” next year when you witness the greatness of this band. This has been a band I have wanted to have play Chicago for a while now and we are thrilled they will finally be here next year. They have lots of great things in store for 2018 as well. Check out the video below to see what you will be witnessing next year…it is sheer power that you will not want to miss.


Phantom Legions of Metal IIPHANTOM

Here is the first official band playing the 2018 Legions of Metal Festival. We are very happy to be bringing PHANTOM back to the show. If you remember this year they had to cancel due to a medical emergency. Everyone is back in form and healthy and ready to perform at the fest next May. We are looking forward to hearing songs from their classic 3 albums. Check them out on Facebook and start making your plans for next May.



During last year’s event, a VIP option was offered. For not very much more than a regular admission, it included an all-day buffet and signing sessions. The only way to go! It is expected that again in 2017 that there will be multiple ticket options.

The Meister has already booked the time off work and his hotel…now just take my damn ticket money! Who else is on board?

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