LÖVE RAZËR – The Sunset Strip is Alive at Rockpile

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Löve Razër Sydney SnowSet to take the rock world by storm, Windsor, Ontario’s Löve Razër are a band you need to see. Furthermore, I, for one, really believe they have the power to do it! The Sunset Strip is alive and well in these youngsters. All you need to do is take a gander at the video for their song “First Class Bitch” to see that. However, the best experience is, of course, the live performance. To date, Löve Razër have played only 3 shows in Toronto and I’ve managed to catch 2 of the 3. I almost didn’t make the first one with the events earlier in the day. So glad that I did, as Löve Razër provided an excellent “pick-me-up”. Now if I could just find my camera…read about it here: Löve Razër at the Linsmore

On stage, these guys totally rock embodying all the best elements of bands like Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, and Guns n Roses. All of which have tunes covered in the Löve Razër set. Drummer Crissy Stixx pounds the skins, resembling a dark haired Garth from the “Wayne’s World” movie. Bassist Metal Mike does a fine Nikki Sixx impersonation (although he wasn’t using the red blood spattered bass tonight). Guitarist Micky Bonez, the subject of the song “Partied Out Freak” himself, can solo with the best of them. And would do a pretty good Slash impression if he only donned a top hat. Singer Sydney Snow with his butter blonde hair swaying and his slightly rose-tinged lipstick front the glam invasion that is Löve Razër. His vocals? Hell yeah, he can hit some notes and does a great job overall at the cover songs.

Löve Razër at the RockpileLöve Razër Chrissy Stixx

In Löve Razër‘s first appearance at Rockpile Bar and Nightclub, they delivered a set that surely won them an increasing fanbase. I had travelled two hours by public transit for this opening set tonight. Not my longest venture for a live set. Not my last either. I wasn’t alone as two friends from Sarnia, Ontario (much further from Toronto than I) made the journey down as well. The Sunset Strip was brought back to life on that paisley carpeted stage at Rockpile on Thursday, August 4, 2016.

The Löve Razër set led with “Turn It Up”. The song,“Turn It Up” is the last cut of the three contained on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Addiction EP that Löve Razër issued earlier this year. Check out Wally‘s Decibel Geek review of the EP here. With positions secured right front and centre stage the Sarnia boys and I were rocking quickly. Delivered in rapid fire succession, “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)”, the fist-pumping Quiet Riot came next. A wise choice I think giving the audience something to identify with seeing as Löve Razër is little known in these parts as yet.

Löve Razër Micky BonezAnother cover, this time Bob Seger‘s “Her Strut” served up prior to “Partied Out Freak”. Frontman Snow proclaimed the song subject was their own Micky Bonez as they launched into it. More Löve Razër originals followed suit in the heavier “Venom” and “Toast to the Night”. Fists were steadily punching the atmosphere around me as the crowd were really taking to this band committed to “bring back the flash and high energy to rock ‘n’ roll!“. A new song in the set since seeing the band about a month ago was Skid Row‘s “Monkey Business”. Again Löve Razër pulled off this classic song from my youth in excellent fashion. Now it was time for the big track, “First Class Bitch”. I’m telling you, if you’re a fan of the glam/sleaze style rock you absolutely have to hear this song (live video below).

Unfortunately, one of the songs from the printed setlist on the stage would become a casualty. While we didn’t get Motley Crue‘s “Live Wire” tonight, Löve Razër wrapped up their 45minutes in fine fashion. The closing two numbers were the timeless GnR classic, “Welcome to the Jungle” and their own “All Time Sleaze”. Another excellent show! The guys in Löve Razër may soon begin to think I’m stalking them! They have two more dates on the horizon August 18, 2016, in Atria in Oshawa and August 19, 2016, at Cherry Cola‘s in Toronto. Rest assured The Meister will be at both!

The DBG ConnectionLöve Razër Metal Mike

In perhaps one of the funniest “it’s a small world” stories I’ve heard in some time, Löve Razër has a significant connection to Decibel Geek. Something that neither side knew until an innocent Facebook post the night before this show. For some weeks I tried to convince Decibel Geek photographer and writer Shawn “Animalize” Irwin to attend the show. I talked up Löve Razër, telling Shawn he would love this band. Unfortunately, he would be working and as a result, unable to make it.

I then noticed the bass player Metal Mike post on Shawn‘s wall about his band playing the next night. Assuming that Shawn had looked up the band and chatted with them, I commented that I had already attempted to recruit him. The responding comment from Mike shocked me. It was something like Shawn‘s my cousin, didn’t know he was with Decibel Geek! Furthermore, the response from Shawn went a little like “I knew he was in a band, just not Löve Razër!” Consequently, Shawn will be making sure he’s at the show in his hometown of Oshawa! It’s funny how things like that work out!

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