Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem

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Magic Kingdom- LogoFrom Brussels in Belgium, we have the 4th release from the Symphonic Epic Speed Metal band Magic Kingdom. With the driving force of the band Dushan Petrossi on guitar, Christian Palin on vocals, Vassili Moltchanov on base and behind them all is Michael Brush on drums.

The magic all started back in 1998 and a year later we saw their first release. It has been 5 years now since their 3rd release Symphony Of War and this new album is long overdue.

After a first listen to this CD I had to start it all over again to really try and listen closer. As a newer listener to this style of music like Blind Guardian and Dragonforce it is growing on me. The guitar work is just fantastic with the heavy fast beating of the drums. Christian is the new singer to the band which I feel is a perfect fit.

Magic Kingdom-Savage RequiemIn Umbra Mea” – Just a short 1:08 musical intro which is slower and leads up to the next song perfectly.

“Guardian Angels” – The longest track on the CD and my first time hearing a song from Magic Kingdom made me feel I have been missing something magical. As more of a fan of drum solos, the way Petrossi has filled this with the sound of his incredible guitar playing has me cranking this fun and energetic first track.

“Rivals Forever” – With the keyboards adding a nice flavor to this song it is fast and has clean vocals to sing along with. Once the guitar solo comes in the vocals disappear for a while and if you are a guitar solo speed metal fan you will love it but for me I was done after 2 mins and 22 seconds.

“Full Moon Sacrifice” – A slower track which was a nice musical change on the CD. A much darker heavier song without the speed metal is a true highlight for me. First thought was Saxon influenced which is a truly classic metal band.

“Ship Of Ghosts” – Back to more of the style of this CD with another upbeat track that gets you moving your head. Great guitar solo with a Beethoven influenced sound. A memorable track for my liking.

“Savage Requiem” – This track goes right along with “Full Moon Sacrifice” as a darker influenced symphonic metal song. Truly a favorite for me on this CD which would be amazing to hear live.

“Four Demon Kings Of Shadowlands” – A great introduction to the start of the song then bringing in Petrossi doing what he does best. Another fast song with a great chorus that ties this songMagic Kingdom-band together nicely.

“With Fire And Sword” – This track comes out flying high with the guitar work, drums, and keyboards. A very fast paced song which any fan of speed metal will enjoy. The chorus is the highlight for me and the overall singing of Palin.

“Dragon Princess” – A song that had me wondering if it fits with the other tracks on this CD, but it easily became my favorite track. More melodic guitar sound with the rest of the band makes it sound like a classic metal song.

“Battlefield Magic” – Back to another catchy fun song to close out the CD. Very fast upbeat track. Once again for me I think Christian Palin is just great on vocals and keeps up well with the fast pace of the music style of Magic Kingdom.

Overall this is a must for any fan of speed metal. For me, most of the songs are too long with the shortest track, besides the opener, being 4:43. Despite that this needs to be in the CD collection even if 4 of the 10 tracks didn’t fare that well for me, overall the rest of the CD is a gem!!

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

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