Meister’s Euro Trip 2015 (Sweden Rock/Hellfest)

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Meister's Sweden Rock / Hellfest 2015Those of you having been with Decibel Geek for a while are probably familiar at least in part with me, The Meister. I am a rock fan through and through and I love nothing more than to be in the front row as a great band performs on stage. I also love to travel and in recent years I have begun to combine both of these loves. I have taken a couple of one-off trips to catch bands, been on four Monsters of Rock Cruises (Meister’s MORC Series), two Sweden Rock Festivals (Meister’s Sweden Rock Festival Series), two M3 Festivals (Meister’s M3 Series) and one Firefest Festival UK, (Firefest: Final Fling), but in June of 2015 I’m upping the ante so to speak!

Meister's Rock n' Roll RoadtripsI will be flying out from Pearson Airport in Toronto on the evening of June 1, 2015, bound for Copenhagen, Denmark. From there it’s straight to Solvesborg, a remote part of Sweden for my third Sweden Rock Festival. It’s after the festival that gets even more interesting for me. I will be remaining in Europe until June 22, 2015 (amazing that I was able to convince work to let me go especially since I nearly lost my job for going to my first Sweden Rock Festival in 2013!). I’m book-ending my little Euro Trip with Sweden Rock Festival on one end and Hellfest France on the other. In between the goal is to see a live band every night, that might just be a guy with a banjo, but I’ll count it! So, armed with press accreditations for both of these major European festivals, my trusty none too cheap Eurail pass, and Lonely Planet tour book….away we go (now I just need some currency!).

Here are a couple of links to my preview articles for each of the major events, Sweden Rock: Year Three For The Meister! / Hellfest France And The Meister. Let’s see what kind of rock n’ roll mayhem I can get myself into on this extended excursion.

Follow the Decibel Geek Website Facebook Page or my personal page (button below) for my adventures and look out for my full reviews following the gigs.


The Meister

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