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New Episode Soon, We Promise!


Dear valued listeners,

We had planned to have the new episode of the Decibel Geek Podcast up by the usual time of Thursday morning but that won’t be happening this week. Unfortunately, Chris has run into some automobile issues that he will not go into detail on in fear that his fist may become one with the monitor while thinking too much about this particular predicament.

The new episode is going to be pushed back to either Thursday 1/26 in the evening or Friday 1/27 in the evening. The vast majority of the episode has been edited and partially mixed but work on a podcast does not stop there and there is all kinds of technical jargon that we could bore you with but we won’t. We take pride in getting an episode out on time but we take greater pride in delaying by a day or two for the sake of quality in our show (hundreds of folks just laughed I’m sure). If you think it’s bad, imagine the edited version!

Anyway, for those of you that are subscribers to the show, we wanted to put this message up for you in case you were wondering if we vanished or something. We’re still here and we’re determined to entertain you (no matter how many articles of clothing we have to keep on; trust me, you don’t want it coming off).

We are excited for some amazing interviews coming up in the near future but also excited for our chat this week about our favorite rock/metal bassists. We’ll get up soon, we promise!

– Chris Czynszak & Aaron Camaro

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