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New Noize 15 – KISS Edition – Ep447


We’re back to talk all the latest news on the Hottest Band in the Land with New Noize 15 – KISS Edition! After a pretty non-eventful 2020, KISS has ramped up things this year. This week we’re gonna touch on some interesting recent news items pertaining to the band.

It was recently announced that A&E will air ‘Shout It Out Loud,’ a four-hour 2-night documentary on the band. The press release seems to make it pretty clear that the story will be mostly told from the perspective of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Apparently, original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss declined to be involved in the project. Will this have a negative affect on the documentary? Will it be portrayed as a one-sided history? We share our thoughts on it.

Related to the A&E documentary, KISS will do a live performance at the Tribeca Film Festival following a screening of the event. With this being the band’s first performance in 2021, what can we expect? Will rarities get played? Will tape roll? Listen and hear our thoughts.

New Noize 15 KISS edition



There might be more than one KISS movie coming out. A possible biopic is close to production for Netflix. With some big name production people mentioned as well as a tie-in with Universal Music Group, this has the potential for a large budget. However, how the band is portrayed is, once again, at the heart of concern for KISS fans. There’s a lot of possibilities with this one and we go over several scenarios.

Another new development in the KISS universe is the upcoming Vinnie Vincent May Metal Madness show at S.I.R. Teasing in his press release (ie. group post) that this “could be” the last of these $500 per ticket parties, he promised more spirits, food, fun, and, oh yeah, music at this upcoming event. Will it be the last of these parties? Will salad be served? Will any actual songs be played instead of mindless noodling? We share our theories.

Wrapping things up this week is some discussion on a KISS fan-created project that’s apparently gone off the rails. A book called Magic: KISS Khronicles started taking pre-orders in 2018. Judging by some sample pages and the author’s notable history of knowing the most minute details of rare and live KISS photos, this book seemed to have everything going for it. Fast forward 3 years and the book has still not been delivered and, it appears, keeps getting pushed back another 3 months every 3 months. A lot of buyers are up in arms and wondering where their book or refund is. We talk about this project and it’s apparent hurdles in the episode.

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