New Noize KISS Edition – Ep350

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With so much happening in the KISS world, we thought we’d return with a KISS Edition of New Noize! In this hour-plus talk, we get down to our thoughts on the nuts and bolts of the KISS world in 2019; and boy is it active!

KISS kicked off the beginning of their End of the Road tour in Vancouver this week. Specifically, the stage is massive and is getting lots of attention. Additionally, the specter of backing tracks being piped through the sound system is being discussed. Is the new KISS show live or is it Memorex? We’ll dissect and give our thoughts.

Also of note, on the eve of the new KISS tour, Ace Frehley took aim at his former band mates; blasting Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley with some serious allegations. Have Paul and Gene cost Ace millions of dollars due to badmouthing him? Did Gene really make a pass at Ace’s girlfriend? Consequently, did Ace even actually write the salvo that was launched via his social media? We’ll examine and give you our take.

New Noize

Finally, the Vinnie Vincent saga takes yet another major twist. After lots of silence from Vinnie, the promoter, as well as Rocketown, the two shows scheduled in Nashville for February 8th and 9th have been cancelled by the promoter. According to him, Vinnie backed out of the shows. Subsequently, Vinnie (and his attorney) released statements essentially saying he backed out of the shows due to non-payment. Either way, the remaining fans of Mr. Vincent are, once again, left disappointed. Does this pay out in court? Will the ticket buyers get their refunds? Will there be another concert scheduled and who would trust that the show will happen? We give our take on this circus.

As a result of all of this, there’s no shortage of drama within the KISS Kamp. There’s been speculation that the band would eventually launch a reality show. This begs the question, are we living through it right now?

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