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NO HOT ASHES – No Hot Ashes (Album Review)


No Hot AshesSeeing the words “melodic hard rock” in the band description is a turn off these days for me. Sorry, but it’s true. I’m a little burnt out on the oversaturated genre. The syrupy flaccidity of much of the output fails to excite nor hold my attention. I find that the melodic hard rock genre, in general, these days, lacks the hooks and choruses making each track identifiable like in the 80s. Many songs and even bands sound so much alike and I feel it’s basically carbon copy cookie cutter music at this point. Just my opinion and I’ll probably get lambasted for it but so be it. But, I keep trying. So how does No Hot Ashes fare knowing that?

NO HOT ASHES – No Hot Ashes (Album Review)

Cuing up No Hot Ashes literally shocked and jolted me from the initial notes. This album clearly banishes those previously stated opinions from my realm of thought. Instantly I’ve perked up and at full attention thanks to the opening riffs of “Come Alive”. How aptly titled! Then the drums and more guitar flood in as the song begins to open up. The vocals are melodic and toneful, well matched to the music. I’m even grooving right along with the keyboards in the chorus…and I hate keyboards almost as much as I hate ballads!

No Hot Ashes keeps on giving throughout its ten track makeup. The swagger of “Good To Look Back”, its toe-tapping catchiness. The upbeat pump of “Satisfied”. Even the ballad-ish “Boulders” catches this crusty old face-melting bastard mouthing the words as I listen during bus rides to and from work. The crunchy guitar rocking and opening screams that vault “I’m Back” out of the gates. Things only serve to improve in the latter five tracks. This is a great feel-good album, good listening anytime anywhere. My faith in Melodic Rock is once again restored thanks to No Hot Ashes!


No Hot Ashes is a band that originated in Belfast in the early 80s. They released a single independently, signed to GWR Records in 1988 and moved to London. The band has supported many a larger name, but with issues surrounding releasing a debut album saw No Hot Ashes fire burn out by 1990. In 2013 they reformed and played some gigs. More followed including several festival appearances. New demos sent to Frontiers Records caught interest and saw the signing for a debut album release. Shortly after the album was delivered to Frontiers bassist Paul Boyd was diagnosed with cancer. He fought it hard but lost his life.

Now, knowing full well that Paul would have wanted them to soldier on, they have a new bass player in place and are ready to play live again to support the release. 34 years in the making, Frontiers is proud to release the self-titled debut album from No Hot Ashes! The album released back in March, so it’s available now from the links below!

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