POLTERGEIST – Back to Haunt (November 4, 2016)

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POLTERGEIST Back To Haunt highPoltergeist, originally Carrion, is a Swiss power/thrash metal band that played from 1985 to 1993. After more than 20 long years Swiss Thrashers POLTERGEIST finally reunited containing original members André Grieder and V.O. Pulver. Joined by Ex-Destruction drummer Sven Vormann on the skins, Ralf Winzer Garcia on bass and guitar-virtuoso Chasper Wanner on the second axe, the POLTERGEIST is ready to haunt YOU again!!!

For aficionados of technical Thrash Metal the comeback of the Swiss POLTERGEIST might be one of the most sensational reunions.

With albums such as Depression (1989) and Nothing Lasts Forever (1993) the guys around main men V.O. Pulver (guitar) and André Grieder (vocals) presented evergreen albums of the genre, which still count as references for many. 22 years after the split they return with their fourth studio album, which is released through Pure Steel Records. Technical Thrash Metal with melodic vocals, sophisticated songwriting, and a good, powerful production are the main strengths of the ten new tracks (plus bonus song on the limited Edition).

With Back To Haunt POLTERGEIST made a great album, followers of the genre will love.


1. Back To Haunt

2. Gone And Forgotten

3. Patterns In The Sky

4. And So It Has Begun

5. When The Ships Arrive

6. The Pillars Of Creation

7. Faith Is Gone

8. Flee From Today

9. Shell Beach

10. Beyond The Realms Of Time

Total Playing Time: 52:42 min

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