A REBEL FEW Video Viewing (News)

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A Rebel Few Video ViewingCanadian hard rockers A REBEL FEW are inviting fans to Join the band at the Princess Theatre in Waterloo, Ontario to check out their new video for the song “Rebel Few”.

Join the Facebook event page for all the details: A Rebel Few Video Viewing

The band issued their As The Crow Flies album back in April, reviewed on Decibel Geek by our very own Wallygator Norton. As The Crow Flies Album Review. In his review, Wally wrote: “WOW! What the hell just happened? Excuse me a moment while I catch my breath, get something to drink and rest my now scrambled brain. Every once in a while (and it is becoming more and more rare) an album comes along that totally shakes the earth’s core leaving a path of melted faces and blown minds. March 21st, 2016 = face melted and mind blown. I am truly worried about the seismic activity that will be recorded when on April 22nd, As The Crow Flies, the debut album from A Rebel Few sees it’s official release. May I suggest stocking up on water and other life sustaining necessities just in case the fault line in the Cambridge area opens up and swallows southern Ontario. This album is harnessing just that kind of power.”

The band, previously known as West Memphis Suicide with some membership differences, worked with heavyweight Texas-based former Pantera producer Sterling Winfield on As The Crow Flies. The boys were kind enough to invite Decibel Geek to the album release concert for a truly breathtaking live performance and one of the top shows this year for Wally Norton and Rich “The Meister” Dillon! Check out the live video below for proof and read Wally‘s concert review: Victorious Rockstars. Expert photographer Brian Ronald also caught up with A Rebel Few as they played WTFest recently and shared his captures of the gang in action.

Decibel Geek is on A Rebel Few‘s D.I.R.T.Bag train…..are you?

BUY: As the Crow Flies

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaLjjRJ4-GM[/embedyt]

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