REBEL MACHINE – Nothing Happens Overnight (Album Review)

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Rebel Machine Nothing Happens OvernightThe Meister has discovered Rebel Machine! No, he hasn’t just been on a Star Wars binge of late…although that wouldn’t be a bad thing either! Brasilian band Rebel Machine reached out to the Decibel Geek editor and submitted their album for review recently. Here are The Meister‘s thoughts concerning Rebel Machine and the Nothing Happens Overnight release.

Well, first off I’d like to give big thanks to Rebel Machine for reaching out and offering their album for review! I have been re-playing Nothing Happens Overnight regularly since hearing from you guys. The album contains only 8 tracks for a runtime of a little above 30 minutes, but it’s packed with great riffs, hooks, and catchy melodies. Brasil’s Rebel Machine obviously wear their classic/80’s rock influences on their sleeves and you can hear it bleeding through in every track. Fantastic hard rock release, unfortunately, it finds me some time after the release which took place in July 2016. But better late than never!


We launch out of the gates at full tilt with lead track “Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong”. A groove that should get the foot tapping early on. A hooky chorus, tasty solos, and guitar work are all featured in this opener. This is a great and true representation of what follows on Nothing Happens Overnight, so check out the video below. The release doesn’t let off the gas for the next 7 compositions, all filled with the previously mentioned elements, yet different enough to keep your absolute rapt attention. Another great selection is the recently issued official video track “It Doesn’t Matter to Me”. The song exhibits a little more melody and softer approach, certainly a radio-friendly offering.

Some of the standout cuts aside from the aforementioned, although choosing is difficult since they all play well, “Down The Road”, “Nothing On Me” and the closer “Life Is Fuckin’ Good”. Oh hell, I really like the whole collection start to finish. It has that classic hard rock influenced sound with modern touches to update the sound. Production is great and everything is clear in the mix.


Rebel Machine hail from Porto Alegre, Brasil, and Nothing Happens Overnight is their debut full-length recording. As for membership in the club, we find Marcelo Pereira (vocals), Murilo Bittencourt (guitar), Marcel Bittencourt (bass) and Chantos Mariani (drums). Currently unsigned, the guys are a DIY (do-it-yourself) outfit and oversaw the production of the album themselves. Still, they have managed to make Nothing Happens Overnight available for physical purchase not only in Brasil but also Scotland, Sweden, and Germany.

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