Reckless Love – InVader (Album Review)


InVaderReckless Love is a band I have in my iTunes but cannot recall how I initially came across this terrific glam metal/rock band from Finland. I listen to a ton of music podcasts; spend far too much time scouring sources for ear candy so I do remember when I first heard them my ears were once again smiling. I also recall looking them up and their image boosted my excitement once more. The next obvious step was listening to their music and in minutes I was buying it as well, I was sold on their first major release in 2010 with songs like “Beautiful Bomb” and “Born to Rock“. Pure hard rock, heavy harmonious choruses and hook-laden throughout. When their second release arrived just a year later, songs such as “Animal Attraction” nailed it once again. For some reason, I am not completely sure of, their third release in 2013 while more pop-oriented which usually appeals to me more just missed the mark for my ears. It isn’t bad and I completely realize the pressure on a band to release 3 albums in as many years. Now we are given InVader and I can hear why we had to wait a few years longer than usual for Reckless Love.

It started out ominous for me with “We Are The Weekend“. I initially was not into the song, didn’t hate it either but it felt like the previous release of songs just not hitting it right with me but I hung in there and after a couple listens it is a fine start to the album.

Hands” begins heavy and once again I was taken aback at first, wondering if the guys were trying to prove a point that they can do the heavier side of rock again. It has solid singing throughout and is an up-tempo rocker. Still, not what I am looking for yet, but I have confidence. I do love the raw mix so far 2 songs in.

3 songs in and I am getting worried. “Monster” is not my kind of song. It is their first single to be released from InVader. I had previously seen the video and heard the song too, just not into it. I still cannot say it is bad, I am holding Reckless Love up to their high standard of harmony-laden glam rock, which has not invaded my senses yet on this release.

RecklessLovePhoto002“Child of the Sun“. Ok, here we are! This song begins so very different for Reckless Love as far as I am concerned but instantly I know this is the song I have been anticipating. Most rock fans will hate it, sadly. I find that non-North American bands give other musical styles so much more a chance in their rock n’ roll and this is what I hear in this song, this very amazing song for my ears. Slower tempo, electronic and 80’s vibe, absolutely love it! A chorus that is as hot as Miami Beach, scorching guitar after the lyrical break.

“Bullettime” rocks out of the gate. Up-tempo and satisfying all around, a good rocker.

Now we get to the song I hope is a single, “Scandinavian Girls“. This has signature Reckless Love all over it from lyrical content to guitar tone. Awesome song! Has a dance club vibe to it, which is a compliment in my ears. I imagine this could be the “Girls, Girls, Girls” for European strip clubs, I am guessing based on what I have heard is played in such venues!

“Pretty Boy Swagger“. What can I say I love it too! It is rough around the edges with enough pop sensibility to it. Not taking ourselves too seriously is key to a good song, oftentimes but not always. In this case, it works for me! I appreciate the band understands there is something to hear in pop music and translate it to some hard rock too.

“Rock It” is a standard pop rocker, fairly generic. Has a Kid Rock sound which is a compliment from me.

I adore when a song begins such as “Destiny” does. Solid intro and moves into the story of the song, then a solid chorus.

reckless love“Let’s Get Cracking” is a heavy, solid rocker. The chorus is so Def Leppard catchy, well done! Stick around for some fun in the latter 2 minutes of the song. The album concludes with the best left for last, “Keep it up all Night” slays me as a perfect example of what my ears desire. I cannot say much more than this is the perfect rock song for me. Whammy bar throughout, great vocal style, perfect tempo, and the chorus is perfect by design…it eats me alive for sure! I love the breakdown with a minute left, as much as I despise “beast mode” in reference to the football player! The sound fade is so glam rock classic, thank you!

Well, there you are my honest opinion on the latest release from Reckless Love. I don’t use stars or a numbering system. Would I recommend it? Of course, yes! It is a solid release with enough great songs that will get regular play when I listen to music, enough good songs that I am satisfied, and not one bad/and or skip-able song. They have an extensive European tour in March/April, check out their site for dates and info.

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Reckless Love Website / Reckless Love Facebook

– Blair De Abreu


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