REDSKIN GIRL – Mental Confusion (Album Review)

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Redskin Girl Mental ConfusionIt is simply amazing to me that there is so much music in the world, some that we will never hear unless we just happen to stumble upon it.  Would you ever think of looking for rock music from France?

Well, let me introduce you to Redskin Girl from Vannes, France.  The band was formed by Scalp (Guitars/Harmonica) in 2015.  Although when you research this band their Facebook and website is in French, all the lyrics and vocals are in English.

Mental Confusion by Redskin Girl (1st studio album)

Produced and mixed by: Marc Ambrosia

The Good: Although this is a newly formed band, the 4 members (Scalp-Guitar/Harmonica, Elodie-Lead Vocals, Pat-Bass, and Vianney-Drums) are talented musicians with tons of experience.

The well-composed opening track “No One No Feeling” has a bluesy riff with a cool catchy melody.

Mental Confusion” is an excellent track with a great chorus.  That being said, the song ended a bit abruptly for me…leaving me wanting more.

Really Got You” and “Reading My Book” are songs that could be played on the radio immediately.  Both have HIT written all over them and are my favorites on the album.

This album has rock songs, pop tunes, ballads and some faster-paced songs like “After Morning Light”.  No matter what type of song comes next, you can count on a well-written song with a hummable melody that sticks in your mind.

The Bad (actually not all that bad): Elodie uses her vocal range well, but her range is limited.  She sounds a bit like a raw, punk-influenced Pat Benatar.  In my opinion, her vocals fit the music well except for “Everyday” (the power ballad on the disc).  Being a ballad, her vocal was loud in the mix and her accent was more pronounced which became a distraction for me.

Overall: I would classify Redskin Girl as radio-friendly rock that is worth a listen.  The music is a mix of John Mellencamp, Black Stone Cherry, and classic bluesy rock.

Just one crazy opinion!  Thanks for reading.  Pooni out!

BUY: Mental Confusion



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