ROSS THE BOSS Rockpile Toronto (Photo Gallery)

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Ross The Boss - Toronto - Brian RonaldDecibel Geek master photographer Brian Ronald witnessed ROSS THE BOSS during his By Blood We Tour Part 1 stop in Toronto. The Rockpile Bar & Nightclub saw a steady crowd, denim vests covered in band logo patches the dress code of the evening. Headbanging was furious during the classic metal assault delivered by the guitarist and his band. The set consisted of nothing but classic Manowar songs from the first five albums.

About the new album: By Blood Sworn

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Ross The Boss rose to fame as a part (founder) of the 80s traditional/speed metal band Manowar. A band that should be way more of a household name than they are. As should Ross The Boss. The guitarist formed Manowar in 1980 with bassist Joey DeMaio after the two met during Black Sabbath‘s Heaven And Hell tour. During Ross “The Boss” Friedman‘s tenure with Manowar the group issued 6 albums. In 1988 after the Kings Of Metal release, the bands most known, Ross departed Manowar.

He stayed in music, playing stints with his former punk band The Dictators and several other outfits. Most recently, two albums were issued with Ross The Boss as a part of a band called Death Dealer (War Master-2013 and Hallowed Ground-2015) and also his own Ross The Boss Band (New Metal Leader-2008 and Hailstorm-2010). Watch for the newest Ross The Boss creation, By Blood Sworn due April 20th, 2018 via AFM Records.

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