Sabaton Review & Interview (Sweden Rock 2016 Spotlight)

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Sabaton (15 of 15)Since 2014 I have seen Sabaton in Toronto 3 times, opening for other bands. I have been waiting to see Sabaton do their full set and they didn’t disappoint! 10 years ago they played the small stage, and for 2016 at Sweden Rock Festival they were one of the headliners.

The day before their set, I had the chance to sit down with original bass player Par Sundstrom and lead guitarist Chris Rorland to talk about the new album The Last Stand, and to learn more about my favourite band. I also had to throw in the idea of how I have never heard my favourite song “Lion From The North”, and it would be a dream to hear it live at Sweden Rock Festival. Listen to the audio of the interview through the Sound cloud link below.Day 4 (19 of 29)

Before the interview, I had 45 mins with an iPad and headphones to listen to the new Sabaton CD for the first press release on the Marshall bus. It was very exciting to hear this new CD ahead of most everyone else. Now I know exactly what I will look forward to when it is released in August, and in my hands.


As I was getting near the front of the stage 45 minutes before the show I started to find myself slowly starting to lose my breathing space! No shortage of Sabaton fans here! At the start of the 10:30 pm show, Sabaton hit the stage opening with the classic “Ghost Division”. The crowd jumping and singing along with an incredible light show and explosions. I knew this would be one show I will remember forever.

Sabaton (3 of 15)After the 6th song, it was time to find a way out and head closer to the back of the 1000’s of people shouting “Sa-Ba-Ton, Sa-Ba-Ton” over and over, and to find a better view of the stage. The stage had 2 army tanks – one on each side of the stage. One of these tanks was the drum kit for Hannes Van Dahl, pounding the skins Sabaton style. It was awesome seeing the tank drum kit live!

Overall the sound was great and Joakim Broden on lead vocals completely had the crowd entertained. The band has a great connection on stage that just makes Sabaton a world class band.

With a setlist of 20 songs expanding throughout their repertoire, the songs that stuck out for me were “Uprising”, “White Death” and “The Lost Battalion“. The latter making its live debut from their upcoming CD The Last Stand. I was hoping for 2-3 new songs but I will have to wait until Sabaton comes back to North America — and I know they will!!

THANK-YOU SABATONSabaton (10 of 15)

Being in Sweden listening to a Swedish band, I wasn’t able to understand some of the interaction the band had with the audience and 3 of the songs they decided to sing in Swedish. To my delight “The Lion From The North” was played and although sung in Swedish, simply amazing. Now I was completely satisfied making the trip across the world for my first Sweden Rock Festival!!

If you get a chance to see Sabaton don’t miss it. Check out their Heroes On Tour Blu-ray to get the full Sabaton effect if you are unable to see them headline with their full stage show.

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

BUY: The Last Stand on Amazon

Official Website / Facebook


1 Ghost Division

2 Far from the Fame

3 Uprising

4 White Death

5 Resist and Bite

6 Dominium Maris Baltici

   The Lion From the North

   (Swedish version)

7 Gott mit uns

8 Carolus Rex

9 The Carolean’s Prayer

   (Swedish version)

10 A Lifetime of War

       (Swedish version)

11 Swedish Pagans

12 Cliffs of Gallipoli

13 Soldier of 3 Armies

14 The Art of War

15 Attero Dominatus

16 The Lost Battalion

       (Live Premiere)

17 To Hell and Back

     (with “Wind of Change” snippet by Scorpions)



18 Night Witches

19 Primo Victoria

20 Metal Crüe


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