SACRED STEEL – Heavy Metal Sacrifice (Oct 14, 2016)

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Sacred SteelFormer METAL BLADE artists SACRED STEEL celebrate their first 20 years of activity with an awesome and breath-taking release. SACRED STEEL are known to be one of the most dedicated and committed bands of this genre; with Heavy Metal Sacrifice they have written such an exhaustive and intense album that will please all fans of German thrash metal, incorporating unimagined peaks of melody. (from Amazon)

German Heavy Metal veterans SACRED STEEL will release Heavy Metal Sacrifice October 14 on Cruz Del Sur Music. The album was recorded at Music Factory Studio Kempten (Germany)¬†and was produced by Sacred Steel and Christian Schmid. The album will be available on Compact Disc (digipack edition), vinyl LP (featuring Sacred Steel’s embossed logo), and digital formats.

The release of Heavy Metal Sacrifice will be a celebratory event marking the group’s 20th anniversary, offering fans their most compelling album yet. Featuring highlights “Let There Be Steel,” “Hail The Godz Of War,” “Children Of The Sky,” and the title track, SACRED STEEL sets in motion a war machine that will crush all enemies of true heavy metal! (from press release)

Track Listing:
1. Intro (Glory Ride)
2. Heavy Metal Sacrifice
3. The Sign of the Skull
4. Hail The Godz of War
5. Vulture Priest
6. Children Of The Sky
7. Let There Be Steel
8. Chaos Unleashed
9. The Dead Walk The Earth
10. Beyond The Gates
11. Of Nineveh

BUY: Heavy Metal Sacrifice

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