GREEN DAY Budweiser Gardens London, Ontario (Concert Review)


Having waited 25 years to see Green Day meant my expectations were extremely heightened. Combine that with attending the show with our son who is as big a fan as I, made for some major expectations from both of us. We began by having dinner before the show and like any smart establishment near the venue, they played quite a bit of Green Day. Good start! Upon entering The Bud there was a massive line at the merch and while I usually bypass it anyway both of us noticed a vinyl copy of Revolution Radio (isn’t it precious that our boy even knows what that is and more so he listens to vinyl with us!) as well as a cool old fashioned rock flag of what I say is the best album cover in a long time for their latest release (which is awesome as well, there that is my dual review of album and show!). Upstairs to the nosebleeds we went, which is our preference anyway; back row center.  Best sound spot and no idiots leaning/spilling/falling onto us. I save front row purchases for KISS & Tiesto. Just before taking our seats I did do the right Dad thing and buy him the flag, his first, at the upstairs merch table. To which he replied “Awesome, now I have a flag just like your KISS and Alice Cooper ones, thanks, Dad”. My night was already made.

Ok, so on with the show review right? Opening was Against Me! whom we were looking forward to and while they played and sounded amazing they are only focusing on their last 2 albums completely ignoring “Thrash Unreal” and other amazing songs from their catalog. I can and do understand the why, but that is an assumption and really bottom line they were good. I just think leaving your initial fans out is isolationism.

Green Day took the stage at 9 and with some great opening songs played over the PA to amp everyone up: “Bohemian”, “Blitzkrieg” and then good ole cowboy music. Their first tune was both a fave of ours: “Know Your Enemy“.

Green Day LondonI love it when a band starts with a top rockin’ song! From there they played new tunes “Bang Bang” and “Revolution Radio“. The 6 piece live band made up of 2 extra guitarists and a guy on keys/sax were perfect complements to the trio and I appreciate they have then on stage no side stage. Well done Green Day! There was pyro that matches a KISS show, the sound was great not too loud and muffled at all.

Billie sounds great on vocals and is filled with energy. I loved they did a “Johnny B. Goode” tribute to the Father of Rock n’ Roll who had just passed away the day before. I could go on and on about the show and how perfect it was. They played epics such as “Jesus of Suburbia” in the entirety of 10 minutes and it was epic as the kids say (or did say 5 years ago!) however this was the true meaning of epic boys and girls. The audience was a great cross section of young, middle and old! They played songs from their beginning even before Dookie, and at 2 ½ hours, they played a lot of material. No breaks other than in between 2 short encores. The lighting was one of the best I have seen since Pink Floyd, not kidding! It really was a highlight show!

Sure am glad I waited such a long duration to experience Green Day in perfect form with our son who enjoys a good rock show as much as his old man.

  • Blair De Abreu

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