STARS ALIGNED – From Darkness To Light (Album Review)

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Stars Aligned are a grunge-influenced band from the Chicagoland area of Illinois.  They feature Mike “Gunny” Wulf (an active Marine) on vocals and guitar, James Purpura on drums and Jonathan Raz on bass.  They were formerly known as Panic Switch, but changed their name in 2017.

STARS ALIGNED – From Darkness To Light

There have been many great rock and metal albums released in 2018.  I have been amazed at the sheer depth and quality of releases.  However, it was a pleasant surprise to receive a request to check out Stars Aligned.  They were not a band I had heard of, but I was interested to hear more after listening to the opening track “Sinners+Saints“.

From Darkness To Light really does flow well and the guitar tone is class.  The grind and the groove takes you on a journey that is fantastic.  Gunny‘s voice has hints of Eddie Vedder and, suprisingly, Ozzy Osbourne.  The overall sound reminds me of another favorite band of mine, Crimson Star, who I rate highly.

The record is marked out by emotion.  It has power, it has focus and it has a large measure of heart.  I really like the way in which the melodies come at you in an unexpected way, especially on songs like “Change Your Mind“.

Another thing that sets this apart from other rock releases of 2018 is the feel of Eighties alternative music in the grooves.  Stars Aligned really do give you memorable choruses on tunes such as “Drowned” or “Salt“.   The song themes are not explicitly spellt out and this gives the collection a sound of its own.  The album also allows the listener to breathe in amongst the adrenaline rushes.  It gives you space to feel the way in which the follow the music.  For that, I thank Stars Aligned.

Final Thoughts

Great album from a genuinely interesting band.  Check them out and enjoy reaching for the stars!

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