Suicidal Angels – Division of Blood (May 27, 2016)

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Suicidal Angels Division of BloodWhen guitarist and vocalist Nick Melissourgos founded the band in 2001 and pushed it to become Greece’s Thrash Metal export hit number one, he was just 16 years old. Having only released three highly acclaimed demos and the EP Bloodthirsty Humanity, Suicidal Angels already were a renowned insider tip within the European scene. With their second bone splitter Sanctify The Darkness, released in 2009 by Nuclear Blast Records, they finally managed the jump into the worldwide spotlight. In the same year, Suicidal Angels secured the renowned Rock the Nation award for themselves, in 2010 they played their first complete European tour along Belphegor, Kataklysm and Darkest Hour. For their third studio album Dead Again, also in 2010, they combined forces with Noise Art Records which was the foundation for a long-time, fantastic cooperation. The album was followed by successful festival shows and a tour with Thrash legends Kreator, Exodus and Death Angel. Suicidal Angels haven‘t reached their peak yet, although the two milestones Bloodstone and Divide and Conquer sawed themselves into the Top 100 of German album charts. But 2016 is the year that you definitely should grab your dustpan to tidy up all the bone fragments. The new lumber mill of an album, Division of Blood, is not only put in its true light by a typical cover artwork of outstanding artist Ed Repka, but also shows Suicidal Angels on the summit of their creative power! Original, uncompromising and full of bone sawing guitar riffs, the quartet comes up with Thrash hammer after Thrash hammer just like that. Garnished with sophisticated string work, every single one of the nine songs will lash a grin into your face! Furthermore, new guitarist Gus Drax proves to be a true lucky choice, since he shows himself just as passionate as the rest of the band. Passion is a headword describing Division of Blood perfectly anyway. No unnecessary experiments, but just a straightforward strike that will shatter the Thrash scene in only 35 minutes. Recorded in Sound Lodge in Germany, Nick Melissourgos, and producer Jörg Uken arranged a sound that gives Suicidal Angels‘ energetic art the fitting, powerful clothing it deserves. Division of Blood will not only make your stereo raise the roof, but it will also bring several Open Airs and clubs to boil! (from Amazon)

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