Niterain (Rocklahoma/Sweden Rock 2016 Spotlight)

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Niterain logoAfter the lineup for my fourth consecutive trek across the Atlantic for Sweden Rock Festival had been announced, I performed my usual ritual of checking out all the “unknown to me” bands. One band that rung huge bells with me was a Norwegian group called Niterain. After scouring my extensive CD library, I found that I was indeed in possession of their 2013 released album, Crossfire. Wow, what a fantastic listen for fist-pumping 80’s style glam/sleaze rock! I continued spinning their music as Crossfire became an addition to my current MP3 playlist. I couldn’t wait to see them in Sweden.

Niterain at Rocklahoma 2016

Niterain ROK-from Facebook
from Niterain Facebook page

And now to backtrack a couple of weeks before I tell you about Niterain‘s set at Sweden Rock 2016. I was attending my first Rocklahoma Festival in Oklahoma, US, with friends and fellow Decibel Geeks. We were enjoying large quantities of adult beverages at someone’s campsite on the first night. The Camp Jager stage was a flatbed trailer positioned in the campgrounds (basically right behind where I was partying).

A band took the campground stage as a recorded introduction played. The deep, pre-recorded voice announced: “This is Niterain. I whipped my head around, near toppling over my chair in the process. Nope, not crazy! I did hear correctly as the band ripped into “#1 Bad Boy”, Norway’s Niterain was actually at Rocklahoma! I watched the whole set from the campsite with a clear vantage of the stage. Even though I had consumed my fair share of beverages, I made mental note to check tomorrow’s schedule. You see, bands that were on the little camp stage also got another slot on The Retrospect Records Stage inside the actual Rocklahoma grounds.

I was in much better condition for the next set. The boys cranked out catchy original tunes like “Come Out” and “Rock n Roll”, among others. They also slipped in a couple covers, L.A. Guns’ “Sex Action” and Van Halen‘s “Panama”. Butter-blonde haired vocalist Baz sounded better than DLR himself!

Niterain at Sweden Rock 2016

Niterain SRF 2016-from Niterain Facebook
from Niterain Facebook page

And now Sweden Rock 2016: The remainder of my housemates (Shawn “Animalize” Irwin, Mikael “The Lionsheart” Svensson and other festival goers) had no good words for me as I demanded that we rise early. I wanted to get over to the festival grounds for the first band on the final day (Saturday) at Sweden Rock 2016. I understand, I’m an old man, quite beat up and well beyond tired myself. But trust me, boys, you won’t regret this. I was hell-bent to see Niterain, especially after Rocklahoma and to introduce these Norwegians to my fellow Decibel Geeks.

We arrived a few minutes before their start time and were able to get right on the barrier, centre stage with the sparse early morning attendance. I guess the partying had gone on rather late last night. Festival goers must be sleeping it off, but by the time I turned around during the opener of “#1 Bad Boy”, it was a sea of fist pumping rock and roll rebels. The Scandinavians didn’t disappoint. They ripped through a rousing set that included several t-shirts thrown out into the outstretched arms of the decent sized gathering. “The Threat” including a little of Deep Purple‘s classic “Highway Star” in the middle, “Dirty”, “Somebody Get Me a Doctor”, “Rock n Roll”, “Come Out” and Van Halen‘s “Panama” (again better than DLR could do I’m sure) all graced the setlist.

You’re Welcome

As everyone thanked me for making them get here early to catch this set, Shawn and Mikael already searching for CD purchases, we made our way to the next event on our daily plan with a bounce and energy thanks to Niterain‘s rejuvenation and morning wake up call.

Later in the day Shawn and I were able to catch up with Dafs (bassist) and Addy (guitarist) just outside the VIP area for a quick chat. We learned a little band history and they were both shocked to learn that I had been at Rocklahoma. I said I was pretty wasted when they came on and they agreed they were the same…good times!

Overall great guys and I wish them all the success (and a show in Toronto) in the future. I’m looking forward to the new Niterain album too 😉

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