SWEDEN ROCK Announce 2018 NEMIS Stage Bands (News)

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Sweden Rock Festival 2018One of the highlights at the Sweden Rock Festival is the NEMIS Stage. Showcasing younger independent Swedish bands, NEMIS stands for New Music In Sweden. I, personally, always make a point to check out the NEMIS bands and have discovered some unplucked gems throughout the years. It looks like another great crop in 2018, especially seeing Frontback in the announcement as I enjoy their 2013 issued Born With A Secret album.

Official Press Release Announcement of NEMIS Bands for Sweden Rock 2018 (with slight edits)

Sweden Rock welcomes the next generation of Swedish bands

For the 13th year in a row, Sweden Rock Festival welcomes eight new, Swedish acts to the festival. Handpicked by the festival’s partner Studiefrämjandet, these young, up-and-coming acts will get the chance to perform at the NEMIS stage at Sweden’s biggest rock festival.

“There is an incredible amount of great bands applying for a shot a the NEMIS stage each year”, says Burt von Bolton at the national office of Studiefrämjandet. “That makes the selection process really difficult, but it is a lot of fun too. Those who think that rock is dead should direct their eyes and ears to the hard rock and metal genres, which are very much alive and kicking.”

Martin Forssman, vice president at Sweden Rock Festival: “With the NEMIS stage we are giving the Swedish hard rock and metal scene a platform for continued growth and development and each year the interest grows stronger. The stage brings additional quality music to the festival while lowering the average age of the musicians and contributing to better gender equality, which we think is great and important for the future.”

Find the NEMIS stage in the Rockklassiker tent on Thursday, June 7th. The chosen eight are:


Sweden Rock 2018 NEMIS StageColdtears are reminiscent of the likes of In Flames, At The Gates and Soilwork. We’re talking aggressive, heavy riffs combined with accessible choruses. Their coming album boasts guests like Bruce Kulick (KISS), Tomas Lindberg and Anders Björler (At The Gates) and Peter Dolving (Haunted). The song “Miracle”, featuring the two former, will be released before SRF.


Frontback have played at SRF before and are influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Steel Panther. They have made two albums with a third in the making, they have shared stages with Status Quo, Electric Boys, Freedom Call, HEAT and more, and singer Arlo Front won the national contest “Rock Voice of the Year 2016“. A band to look out for.

Gain Eleven

Gain Eleven is a band that plays rock with addictive melodies, loads of energy and a healthy sense of humor. They’re often compared to the likes of Foo Fighters and the Hives. Their debut All In was released in 2016 and is referred to by its admirers as a “kick in the crotch” type of record. The band has toured both in Sweden and abroad, for instance, opening for Airbourne in Russia.


Gaupa emerged from a deep cellar in the concrete jungle of a mid-Swedish town. They have their roots in stoner rock and have developed their own style ranging from doom metal to prog. Other characteristics include energetic singer Emma Näslund and surreal lyrics. Like in their debut single/video from late 2017: “The Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You”.

Hedda Hatar

Hedda Hatar (“Hedda hates” in Swedish) are four young women whose sound has been compared to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as well as the Arctic Monkeys. As in riff-based with a punk attitude (the band wants to contribute to greater equality in music) but also the occasional indie-rock tune. Their current single “No 1” is an appetizer from their soon to be released debut album.

Sweden Rock Festival 2018 Banner


Nala from Gothenburg refers to themselves as “alternative rock”. Their influences come from the 60s and 70s but also the 90s – all over the place, but that can be rather sweet (again, their own words). In 2017 they released their first EP Woman, did numerous festival gigs as well as their radio debut, and in 2018 they intend to write more songs and do more gigs all over Sweden.


Nekrokraft combine blackened old school thrash metal with a captivating blasting influenced by the likes of Behemoth and Immortal. Since their formation in 2012, they have released an EP, two singles, an album and their current compilation Witches Funeral. They have also perfected their live show through relentless gigging. Singer Angst is also the current frontman in Witchery.

Spiral Skies

Spiral Skies from Stockholm claim to play “on other planets kinda rock”. As in heavy, vintage psychedelic rock in the veins of Jefferson Airplane, The Devil’s Blood and Curved Air. The band’s live performances as well as their EP A Queendom to Come (recorded live in their rehearsal studio) have been greatly praised and their debut Blues for a Dying Planet will arrive this May.

For more on the bands, check out www.nemis.se


NEMIS stands for New Music In Sweden and aims to get less established acts a chance at some of the most important stages in Sweden. It can be found at many clubs and festivals around Sweden. NEMIS is organized by Studiefrämjandet. www.nemis.se

For more information about NEMIS at Sweden Rock, please contact Burt von Bolton at Studiefrämjandet riksförbundet: +46 8 545 707 36, burt.von.bolton@studieframjandet.se

Sweden Rock is Scandinavia’s biggest hard rock festival. Every year, visitors from around 50 countries are attracted to Sölvesborg, where they are invited to over 80 concerts in a mix of classical rock, hard rock, southern rock and metal. Sweden Rock is renowned for keeping a high level of service, and the friendly atmosphere has become one of the festival’s main signatures. In addition to the annual festival, Sweden Rock now has a magazine, beverages and lifestyle products gathered under its brand.

Sweden Rock 2018The Full Coverage

Keep an eye on Decibel Geek for all your Sweden Rock news and coverage. The Decibel Geek team once again descends upon Sweden Rock 2018! As a result of the roster already revealed, there’s no way we’d miss out on this event! Our full coverage page will hold all our reports, so check back often: Sweden Rock 2018The Full Coverage


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