Talking to ALEX KRULL of LEAVES’ EYES (Interview)

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Alex Krull Leaves' EyesAfter naming their last album his #1 of the year, Decibel Geek staff writer/photographer Shawn “Animalize” Irwin finally had the chance to see Leaves’ Eyes recently in Toronto. He was also able to sit down with Alex Krull to talk about the current North America tour with Battle Beast and Sabaton, as well as the most recent music and what we can expect from the band in the near future. Alex Krull also touches on the separation of original vocalist Liv Kristine and Leaves’ Eyes.

Arriving at The Opera House in Toronto early for the 2nd week in a row we were greeted by a long line up of fans waiting to get into the sold-out show.

With the doors opening at 7 pm, our interview was set for 6:15. Getting into the venue before the rain hit was a bonus. Heading into The Opera House with my co-writer/beautiful wife Shari, we walked in to see what the action was like before the fans pack the place. With band members scattered around, we were introduced to Alex Krull. He brought us behind the stage and down the stairs into the “dungeon” of The Opera House (the dressing room) for the interview. As it was built in 1909, you can see there is plenty of history in the structure of this building. But on this night it was all about sitting down and talking with Krull. And here it is….

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