TEQUILA SUNRISE – Danger Zone (Album Review)

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Tequila SunriseNot too long ago I asked The Meister to surprise me and send me something I had not heard before. He came up with Spanish band Tequila Sunrise. Hailing from Madrid, Spain Tequila Sunrise to my recollection are the first all Spanish band I have listened to.  Well done sir!

The band consists of Rubén Santos on drums, Ramón Blein guitar, Cecilio Sánchez-Robles guitar, Jorge Cortés vocals, and Jesús Acosta bass. I would call them a melodic rock band that harkens back to the glory days of 80’s glam rock. Their press bio says that they are for fans of Danger Danger, Ratt, Dokken, Mr. Big, and Bon Jovi. Sounds good, bring it on!!

The opening track, “Day by Day”, begins with a driving beat and shredding fury of guitar notes. Great way to start and the rest of the song rocks as well. My Way or the Highway is next and this is the most accessible song on the album. Whether it’s the melodic guitar work or the gang vocals this song definitely pays tribute to the 80’s, and it works well. “Bad Side of Love” is next, and I have to say this song has grown on me the most. It’s slow, grinding pace along with Jorge Cortez‘ gritty vocals set a nasty groove. That along with a fantastic, melodic guitar solo really make this song. “Stay on the Wild Side” borrows its opening from the Bon Jovi song “Raise Your Hands” and then settles into a nice shuffle. It’s ok. Then comes the title track, “Danger Zone”. This is a really good rock song with a good guitar riff. “Coming Home” continues with some really tasty guitar playing. “She” has a sleazy groove to it, whereas “Carry On” may be the most melodic song on the album. “Risk It All” has a strong driving beat, but just kind of plods along. The album closes with “Fallen Angels”. Good rock song and finishes things in a good way.

If every song were worth a point, then I would rate this album 6.5 out of 10. Tequila Sunrise are a good melodic rock band that stays true to their influences. They do lack the heavier bite of say a Ratt or Dokken, but if you are a fan of guitar rock you will be pleasantly surprised with the high-quality playing of Ramon Blein and Cecilio Sánchez-Robles on this album. I recommend this album as a fun, high energy, summer album.

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