The Day The Music Died (Commentary)

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Why The Music Scene I Love Is Killing My Love For It

I played in my first music band at 10 years of age.  I have been a lover of rock/metal for forty years.  This is a major part of my life and yet it gets harder and harder to support the genre, due to the sheer stupidity on behalf of some bands, record labels, managers and promoters.

Non Engagement Clauses

Wanna know a secret?  I am a very polite and accommodating individual.  I love connecting with people and getting their reactions to my comments/articles.  However, when bands don’t engage, it is like a one-way conversation with nothing of worth being produced; a pointless exercise.  That is one major issue that annoys the hell out of me.  You ask for an interview, they ignore the request.  You comment on their posts, they fail to engage.  Your review gets no views, as the band or promoters or record labels won’t share them or acknowledge their existence.  Disheartening?  Yeah, very.  They aren’t the only ones who don’t support others, but that is not the point.  Music will die without grassroots support and this means the business needs to get behind small podcasts or websites.  We are the lifeblood of the industry and we don’t get paid for our trouble, so throw us a bone yeah?

Legally Bound

So, you have a situation where some bands and managers and labels thumb their noses at the smaller sites.  They don’t want to acknowledge our existence.  However, they are quick to threaten legal action if we dare to post videos they don’t like or print pictures they don’t like or write opinion pieces they don’t like.  Well, here’s the news – don’t expect any promo from me.  One strike and you’re out!  I will go to the ends of the earth to help promote bands who are polite and supportive of our efforts, but I will never work with you again if you ever threaten legal action or be unreasonable.

For those lovely bands and people who have shown real professional support, I will always be loyal and I thank you all.  Loyalty is a rare commodity – please think about that and remember, we don’t get paid to do this.  We do it for the love of the music.

Peace out.

– Coxy


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