THRONE OF MALEDICTION – Perfect Tragedy (EP Review)

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From the vast lands of Montana comes the blackened Doom Metal of Throne Of Malediction, lead by the talent that is Eric Sartana Horner (vocals/guitar/bass/keys/programming).  The band is like prime Celtic Frost blended to perfection with bands like Satyricon and Emperor.  They sound like demons of Hell are tearing out their hearts and crying acid tears onto the Earth.  That mixture of brutality and vulnerability is an amazing elixior for the listener.


This EP is made up of three new compositions, along with various demos and slices of interest, including a crushing version of Nailbomb‘s “Cockroaches“.

There is a great amount of thoughfulness in the new songs.  The gentle breeze of opener “Seasons (Prelude)” is fabulous.  I love the Kirk Hammett-like solo that could have come straight off Master Of Puppets.  The song expands beyond its two minute reach and is a genuine mood enhancing experience.

Legacy Of Sorrow” is the next track and the collection gets serious with the rollercoaster of fuzzbox and frustration.  It layers on beauty and ambience and Eric’s gutteral vocals transport me back to 1987’s Into The Pandemonioum release from the magnificent Celtic Frost.  That album is one of my favorite records ever, so consider that high praise!  Eric also breaks out some fantastic clean singing, which reminds me of Jim Morrison of the Doors, another band I adore.  The keyboard backing is effective as well and adds to the mood.

My favorite of the new recordings is the epic nine minute title track, full of growls and screams and then croons that just bleed emotion.  The dirty guitar work grinds away and drives the song along the darkest of paths imaginable.

Other tracks on the EP include the tasty instrumental “Lessons In Resistence” and the funky “Sani-Trance” (another favorite).

Final Thoughts

If you like your metal dark and disturbing, check out Throne Of Malediction and give Eric your support.  From the beauty of Montana comes an art the like of which very few will ever emulate.

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