Thunderstone – Apocalypse Again (April 15, 2016)

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thunderstone april 15Thunderstone are back! The Finnish power metal act presents its new album Apocalypse Again and it not only marks the return of the band after almost six years, Apocalypse Again sees Pasi Rantanen reunite with Thunderstone. The band’s original vocalist, who left after 2007’s Evolution 4.0, has been an integral part of Thunderstone‘s characteristic sound ever since and was sorely missed after his departure back then. Apocalypse Again is melodic metal perfection. From the speedy opening track “Veterans Of The Apocalypse”, across the catchy single “The Path” with its uplifting chorus, to the epic completion with “Barren Land” – it clearly shows that Thunderstone are one of the finest offerings in the current scene and how much Rantanen was missing. Welcome back! (from Amazon)

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