Top 10 of 2017 – Jerry Lee Lucifer

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After several days of careful consideration and several bottles of bourbon, I have finally narrowed my list down to my top 10 favorite albums of 2017.  Here they are:

  1. Rex BrownSmoke On This / Album Review

This album is fantastic.  I’m not a really big Pantera fan, either.  And if you’re expecting a headbanger, this album isn’t it.  Rex, on his own, is very different than Pantera.  He’s not as heavy.  In short, he’s bluesy and southern fried, sorta like a modern day Blackfoot.  Easily the best thing I heard all year.

  1. Rex BrownSmoke On This / Album Review

See above.

  1. Klassik ’78Side One/Side Two

As the story goes, on the heels of Love Gun, KISS never gave us an album in 1978.  They were barely on speaking terms.  So, they released a live album (Alive II), a compilation album (Double Platinum), and the solo records.  That way, they could still get product out and not have to get together to do it.  And in 1979 after their hiatus from each other, they gave that twelve-pound bag of veiny dicks otherwise known as Dynasty.  These geniuses, who call themselves KLASSIC ’78, got together and created the 1978 KISS album that never was.  They even trained themselves to sing and play like the original KISS.  I honestly wouldn’t have known the difference between these guys and the real McCoy.  It’s incredible.

  1. Living ColorShade / Album Review

I don’t usually like my music to say anything in particular.  Just give me the rock.  But, for reasons I can’t explain, I listen to Living Color to hear their social statements.  Shade is their newest and bluesiest album.  Really cool.

  1. Mark SlaughterHalfway There / Album Review

One of my favorite singers of all time.  If he put out a Rick Astley tribute album, I’d buy it.

  1. SteelheartThrough Worlds of Stardust / Album Review

Sounds like Steelheart, except heavier and less melodic.  Good stuff.

  1. RiverdogsCalifornia / Album Review

Featuring Vivian Campbell (DIO, Whitesnake, Def Leppard), Riverdogs give you music for those times when you want your hard rock to have some soul.  I wrote an article a few months back about how the singer, Rob LaMothe wrote a couple of the songs on RATT’s Out Of The Cellar album.  This album showcases his talents, once again.

  1. Lynch MobThe Brotherhood

George Lynch and Oni Logan belong together and they proved it once again here.

  1. Richie KotzenSalting Earth / Album Review

I could go on for days gushing about Richie Kotzen…but I won’t do it here.  If you’re already a Kotzen fan, you know what you’re getting here.  Once Kotzen’s brand of soul-infused rock ‘n roll gets a hold of you, it won’t let you go.

  1. Revolution SaintsLight in the Dark / Album Review

What could be better than Jack Blades, Doug Aldrich, and Deen Castronovo together?

There you have it.

Merry Christmas,

Jerry Lee Lucifer

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