It’s Such A TRAGEDY (Concert Review)

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TragedyThe Meister has done something. And I shall not apologize…..perhaps even you’re welcome!

TRAGEDY: An All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond.

While in Edinburgh I visited a fantastic rock bar and live venue called Bannermans. I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me at the bar. It turns out that he is a writer and there on assignment for a site called Jukebox Metal. I had heard earlier that the band this evening would be a Bee Gees cover band…not for The Meister! But somehow I ended up in there! Thanks Tom! What an absolutely brilliant experience!

Metal Bee Gees

TragedyIt’s not just a Bee Gees cover band, but a metal Bee Gees cover band. Yes, it works….I know it sounds odd but it works, trust me. Dancing and skipping through the crowd, lights and sirens blazing, Tragedy took the stage led by their “handler”. Adorned in flashy costumes and covered in glitter, lots and lots of glitter they burst into “Tragedy”. The vocals didn’t reach the lofty heights of the originals but I was instantly singing along. Bee Gees delivered via a twin guitar metal attack!


Captivating right from the get-go, Tragedy did not let up throughout their whole performance. These guys were quite obviously comedians as well as musicians and I laughed out loud often during their stage time. The comedic skits and antics between and during the songs, mostly put on by the “handler” Lance were a veritable highlight. Lance was dressed in a white sailor outfit decorated with flames at the leg and sleeve cuffs. He seemed to be the “bitch” as the expression goes, dancing around toweling off the guys’ armpits, bumping and grinding the players, shooting confetti out into the audience, tossing glitter and he even got his own solo! Solo with a small wooden ukele type guitar that is! For which he was chastised about once the band returned to the stage.

The Setlist

TragedyMetalized songs included such disco hits as “Tragedy”, “Funkytown”, “Grease”, “Africa”, “Do You Think I’m Sexy”, “Maneater”, “It’s Raining Men”, “The One That I Want”, “You’re Crying Now”, “You Should Be Dancing”, “How Deep Is Your Love” and “Staying Alive”. Many of these had me dancing unabashedly to this disco turned metal (sometimes thrashy) brilliance. Bear with me if those song titles aren’t exactly correct, I’m not well versed on my disco, but you get the idea.


To sum things up, Tragedy are like the Steel Panther that Steel Panther should be! Much funnier and less crude. Steel Panther need to learn that there’s only so many “you’re the load your Mom should have swallowed” jokes that are funny. Tragedy did have one segment a little more off colour that dragged on way too long to be funny. But overall, I don’t see how this shtick could wear thin even after multiple experiences. They even called, ok trolled through the audience pulling attending young ladies up on stage as Steel Panther is known to do. There were no breasts unveiled here though, just some good fun dancing to their closing song “Red Corvette” including a medley with “That’s The Way I Like It” and “Shake Your Booty”.

On a lofty plain after the set, the performers and I ended up in conversation at the bar over drinks. Turns out these guys are from New York! I thought they were UK based, mostly because I’d never heard of them before! I stumbled back to my accomodations, tightly clutching my newly purchased Tragedy CD….who knew The Meister liked the Bee Gees! Check out this All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees and Beyond for yourself…anything else would just be a Tragedy.

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