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Way back in 2012, it seems like so very long ago, I discovered a then little known and rather young band called The TreatmentThe Treatment originates from the Cambridge area of the United Kingdom and got together in 2008, founded by drummer Dhani Mansworth when he was just 15 years old.  Mansworth recruited Matt Jones to hold the microphone, Ben Brookland and Tagore Grey ripping the dual guitars and Swoggle (also known as Rick Newman) to plunk the bass.  This five-man outfit recorded their debut CD, This Might Hurt, at Barnyard Studios owned by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden fame. I instantly gravitated to This Might Hurt, reviewing the album and also interviewing the band (Go See the Doctor-An Interview with the Treatment). Then they became announced as the opening act on a triple bill that saw Motley Crue and KISS as the headliners on a North American tour. They upheld their end of the bargain with a blistering live show that I was fortunate enough to catch in Toronto.

The sophomore effort, 2014’s Running With the Dogs, (From This Might Hurt to Running With the Dogs-Album Review) was for me a bitter disappointment and the blip that was The Treatment soon fell off my radar. Well, I’m happy to report that they have returned with a new lead singer and are back to form. Their latest offering, Generation Me, will be available March 18, 2016, through Frontiers Records.

The Treatment - Generation MeGeneration Me leads out appropriately with “Let It Begin” instantly getting the toe tapping and exhibiting the rejuvenation of The Treatment. At a quick listen to this first track, not having spun This Might Hurt in quite some time, I’m not sure I would have known that there had been a frontman change. Celebrating The Treatment‘s new partnership with Frontiers Music SRL, the new membership sees Mitchel Emms on vocals and Tao Grey (perhaps a family member of Tagore Grey) replacing Jake Pattinson on guitar who took over from Ben Brookland for the sophomore. Generation Me sees drummer Dhani Mansworth‘s father Laurie again in the producer’s seat with Tony Newton handling the mixing and Ade Emsley taking care of mastering the album. The second track, “The Devil” again drives home The Treatment‘s renewed hunger featuring a pounding beat, AC/DC reminiscent riff and a memorable chorus. “Tell Us the Truth” simply electrifies out of the gates as it seems the boys are really getting warmed up now and the title track, “Generation Me” pounds along fantastically with a driving rhythm that demands the fist in the air! The Treatment is back! Things taper back slightly on “Backseat Heartbeat”, a great sing-along radio-friendly cut but it’s back to the blistering hard rock assault in “Cry Tough”. Showcasing a little more melody, “We are Beautiful” sends a positive message lyrically while the pump and grind of “I Know She Knows” is sure to be a hit single. “Bloodsucker”, while a heavier composition, seems a little weaker to me, not holding my attention too well. “Better Think Again” does little to revitalize me, but “Light the Sun” has a little more pep for a strong finish.

Since this review is based on the streaming copy link that I received, I’ve already pre-ordered my actual copy through the Amazon link below and I suggest that you do as well. While it’s not as good for me as This Might Hurt, it just feels that The Treatment‘s youthful swagger that made that debut so special is back. Maybe I need to revisit Running With the Dogs.

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