TRESPASS – Footprints in the Rock (Album Review)

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Trespass Footprints in the Rock
The current Trespass

Yet another of those bands from the 80s making a resurgence. Are we tired of it yet…hell no! Certainly not when they’re awesome. In this case, we have a band called Trespass. These guys started out in Suffolk, England in 1979. Originally put together by brothers Mark (guitar/vocals) and Paul Sutcliffe (drums), Dave Crawte (guitar), and Richard Penny (bass). A single issued in January 1980, “One of these Days”, saw some play on the radio airwaves. The band was awarded two spots on the Metal for Muthas Volume II compilation, where all others participating had only one. To facilitate this they went into Spaceward Studios and recorded three tracks. A new version of the single, “Stormchild” and “Live It Up!”. The first two were to be used for the compilation.

After recording the Bright Lights EP in 1981, the group disbanded in 1982. Some fans of the band include Lars Ulrich and James HetfieldUlrich even included Trespass“One of these Days” in a compilation album (79 Revisited) he created in 1990 with Geoff Barton. A greatest hits package, The Works, came ten years later in 1992 and a brand new album, Head, in 1993. 2004 brought One of these Days: The Trespass Anthology in a worldwide release. In 2012 Trespass recorded a self-titled album which was composed of re-records of their earlier tracks. Today Trespass features all new members but one, Mark Sutcliffe. Now in the ranks, we find Jason Roberts (drums), Danny Biggin (bass), Joe Fawcett (guitar) alongside SutcliffeThis comeback album, Footprints in the Rock, drops January 12 courtesy of Mighty Music Records.

TRESPASS – Footprints in the Rock

Trespass Footprints in the RockThis is like an uncovered gem. Chock full of classic NWOBHM sounds, yet somehow fresh for the new age. Beginning with the thumping drums that launch “Momentum”, this is a great pedal to the metal driving tune. From there it’s into “Be Brave” featuring a concert cheering chorus. Now the tracklist appears different than reported in the press one sheet as next up for my listening is “Mighty Love”. I find the track simply catchy, easily identifiable. Could this have been a hit if Rock Radio still played good music? Quite possible. So far in these first three, I find the soloing perfectly fits the songs and not overdone. The chorus refrains simple and catchy. The beats are foot stomping and headbangingly awesome.

For track four for I get “Prometheus” as opposed to the reported “Dragons in the Mist”. The order has been screwy since track three, but who cares, it all runs well for me. I simply dare anyone not to get infected by “Prometheus”. The title track follows bringing us to “Little Star”, a near six-minute epic, slower paced serving to taper down the energy. Things pump up again during the even lengthier, punchier “The Green Man”.

The driving thunder of “Dragons in the Mist” is simply beautiful. Six minutes of crashing, thundering glory and a ripping solo to melt your face at the end. Wow, great track, watch for me to feature this one on an episode of my podcast, CGCM. I assume “Beowulf and Grendel” would be based on the classic tale. Musically it’s another NWOBHM ripper. Sonically, the mix is fantastic with all instrumentation well represented. We wrap up with “Weed” and “Music of the Waves”. The latter almost doesn’t seem to fit, being a light floating affair. I could really do without this one.

Final Thoughts on TRESPASS – Footprints in the Rock

It may not crack into my top albums of 2018 (that’s a long way off), but Footprints in the Rock simply rips! If you consider yourself a NWOBHM fan, then this is certainly a worthy addition to your musical library. I’m off to see about tracking down some more Trespass!

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