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Whiteside’s Daughter are a new band from Mississippi and Alabama.  They are streaming, for a limited period, what is what we would call in the old days “Side 1” of their album.  This goes out under the title of Act 1.

They describe themselves as “Southern Gothic Prog” which is certainly a first as far as I am aware. The album is called The Life You Save.  It is a concept record about a gay son of a Pentecostal preacher who rebels against his abusive father. He does this by moving in with a mate who has left the church and is now the guitarist in a death metal band called Village Witch! It sounds crazy, but, from hearing the first part, it works rather well.


Musically, it is reasonably diverse.  You can hear quite a few nods to other artists including The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Kansas and Rush. Furthermore, there is definitely some theatre going on, with elements of gospel and showground/circus music flitting through it.

Act 1 is made up of six parts.  However, each part changes in style, depending on what is going on and which character is the lead role in the section itself. There are voiceovers, along with sound effects to enhance the piece to help move the story along. It also makes listening on headphones very worthwhile.

Whiteside’s Daughter are basically a three piece outfit.  Stephen Poff is on vocals, Brian Hughley on drums and Steve Deaton supplying guitars, bass, keys and backing vocals. There are also two guests used to good effect in Molly Brasfield on piano and Clinton Kirby, who plays some heavier lead solos on a couple of tracks.

The album itself isn’t out until November this year, so it will be a while till we find out what happens to everybody.


Listen to Act 1


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijBieWd03a0[/embedyt]




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