Wolfmother – Victorious (Album Review)

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imageWolfmother are an Australian power trio rock band from Sydney. Formed in 2000 by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, they released their self-titled debut album in 2006, which sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. 2009 saw them release Cosmic Egg followed by New Crown in 2014. The band’s fourth album Victorious was released in February 2016. Wolfmother are often compared to influential classic rock and metal bands from the 70’s like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin .

Being a huge fan of the band’s debut, I am looking forward to reviewing Victorious, so on with the review:

The album opens with “The Love That You Give” surging straight into that unique sound of Wolfmother. It’s great sounding 70’s style Rock with great musicianship all around, all of which carry on with the next track “Victorious” which has a great chorus and is a really bouncy number. “Baroness” is up next and while another great track is a little less guitar heavy with the bass taking over the majority of the song’s sound and again another catchy chorus. “Pretty Peggy” changes the sound again and heads along in the Bob Dylan direction in my opinion, but still a great song.
“City Lights” gets back to the rock roots with Andrew putting in a strong vocal performance and Victorious continues with the brilliantly riffy “The Simple Life”, a solid rock song if I ever heard one. “Best of a Bad Situation” continues us on this journey, not one song sounding out of place, but with many different sounding songs creating a fantastic album. “Gypsy Caravan” has a very 70’s Led Zeppelin sound which is obviously no bad comparison. “Happy Face” is another plodding song loaded with more brilliant riffs and we finish the album with “Eye of the Beholder” which is a heavy anthem featuring another great chorus.

To sum up Wolfmother‘s Victorious: it’s a great rock album with brilliant musicianship and fantastic vocals. This is a must for basically anyone who likes great sounding rock music. YOU MUST TRY THIS ALBUM. I, personally, love this record. There isn’t one bad track on it which is very rare for me having listened to thousands of rock albums and I’d put this up there as one of the best. You could listen to this album over and over again .

Mark 10 out of 10


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