Rock n Roll Diaries with Aaron Baker – Ep335

ROCKNPOD donor and friend of the show Aaron Baker joins us this week for Rock n Roll Diaries. This new theme features Aaron showcasing artists and songs that are markers in his journey through life. Additionally, these songs have a therapeutic element in their ability to help him through difficult times.

rock n roll diaries

Rock n Roll Diaries


Aaron is bringing an incredible list of songs to share this week. You’re getting killer tracks from Van Halen, Eclipse, KISS, Dokken, Ozzy, Tom Petty, Fozzy, Aerosmith, Queensryche, and much more! Also, his stories of a music fan from a younger generation will give you hope that rock is, indeed, very much alive for future generations.

Be sure to check out Aaron Baker at his podcast The Bakery. It can be found at

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  • Joe Esposito

    Chris & Aaron, this kid did a pretty damn good job. This was a great idea doin the rock & roll diaries, a little something different. Thank you for bringing all these great podcasts to us fans, it’s greatly appreciated. I also would like to thank you guys for getting me to go back & revisit all of my albums from 86-87-88-89& even 90 ,around that time I was heavy into thrash & although I purchased just about all the albums discussed & songs that are played hear on decibel geek I never really listened to them all that much , I just collected them .so it’s nice to break open the seal on a 30+ year old record & give it a spin all because you guys got me pumped up talking about the bands. You guys are the best!!!!!

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