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Category: VV Special


Did Vinnie Shredd the Halls? – Ep387

We’re giving you a KISSmas miracle with yet another Vinnie Vincent-themed episode. This time we’re covering the recent Merry Metal Christmas show. Chris and Aaron

Vinnie Vincent Special vol6

Vinnie Vincent Special vol6 – Ep341

Promoter Joe D’Angelo joins us for Vinnie Vincent Special vol6; our thoughts on Miami, Memphis, and more. We said we’d never do another one of

vinnie vincent reaction

Vinnie Vincent Reaction – Ep309

We’re back this week to share our reaction to last weekend’s return of Vinnie Vincent! The Atlanta KISS Expo brought back the elusive Ankh Warrior,

Album Review

The Complete VINNIE VINCENT Collection (Feature)

Welcome to Decibel Geek‘s Complete Vinnie Vincent Collection. Here, you’ll find links to everything we’ve done on the enigmatic KISS guitarist. Born Vincent Cusano in Bridgeport Connecticut

Vinnie Vincent Discussion

Vinnie Vincent Discussion – Ep296

Chris & Aaron return this week for a Vinnie Vincent Discussion. With the internet ablaze in excitement for the upcoming Atlanta KISS Expo that will