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Contact Decibel Geek (Names and Emails of Staff Members)

Contact Decibel Geek StaffContact Decibel Geek!

Contact Decibel Geek with Questions, Comments, Death Threats, Legal Threats, Sexual Propositions? Send them to:

Contact the website editor!

Rich “The Meister” Dillon:

Contact the assistant editors!

Adam “Coxy” Cox:

Graham “Sparky” Spark:

Contact Decibel Geek Podcast hosts!

Chris Czynszak: 

Aaron Camaro:

Have your band’s CD reviewed on Decibel Geek!

Do you want to have our writing team take a listen to and review your CD? No problem. With an overwhelming number of submission, we try to review as much as possible. But unfortunately, it’s just not possible to review everything.

You can send MP3 files and band bio information to our website editor and the assistant editors’ contact emails above. Due to the enormous amount of submissions that we receive, emails sometimes can get overlooked or missed. If you’d rather be sure to get noticed by sending physical product please mail to Rich “The Meister” Dillon 10 Tangreen Crt. Unit #905, North York, ON Canada M2M 4B9.

Write for Decibel Geek!

Want to join the writing team at Decibel Geek? Certainly, we are always looking for new contributors should you meet requirements. Simply shoot an email to the editor introducing yourself and we’ll go from there.

5 thoughts on “Contact Decibel Geek (Names and Emails of Staff Members)”


    any chance y’all could locate the fine fellow that were Nerve Circus (Rochester, NY)?
    they went from a Rush-like trio to much heavier and it was amazing
    and then I moved and who knows…

  2. u guys always are the highlight of my week. would love a “where are they now” episode for the likes of artists who just went missing. guys like dean davidson from britny fox, or vikki foxx from enuff z’ nuff and vince neil, bobby borg from warrant. could be cool.

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