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A trusted source of rock music news, discussion, and coverage, Decibel Geek enters its 7th year in 2018.

Launched in April of 2011, Chris Czynszak, a former rock journalist, started the podcast and, soon after decided to bring in a co-host to add more variety. Enter Aaron Camaro.

Aaron, a veteran of rock radio from the state of Wisconsin, joined the show in August of 2011 and the show has been a weekly audio download/stream focusing on rock and metal music ever since.

Early in the show’s history it was decided that the website should serve a greater purpose than purely hosting the weekly episodes. Volunteer writers were brought on board and our talented staff has grown in the ensuing years. The writing staff includes contributors from all over the world including Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, and more. To date, the website features over 30 contributors including writers, a videographer, and several photographers.

As of 2018, the Decibel Geek podcast is regularly consumed by tens of thousands of listenersĀ  who love rock and metal music. In 2017, the podcast surpassed 1 million downloads and continues to go strong. Decibel Geek has been regularly ranked in the Top 200 and What’s Hot section for music podcasts in iTunes as well as featured in Nashville Scene (Village Voice Media) in August 2017. Read it HERE

Another important feature of Decibel Geek is how it moves product for artists. The exposure of great rock artists (old and new) on the podcast coupled with the Amazon associates program has led to thousands of dollars in sales forĀ  artists featured on the show as well as the website.

The Decibel Geek Podcast is a multi-format show that rotates theme/style regularly to satisfy a large rock and metal audience. One of the most popular formats is the Albums Unleashed Series. These episodes focus on a single album and feature Chris & Aaron speaking to a major contributor (producer, artist, writer, etc) about the making of the album. These deep dive-style discussions have yielded some great stories. Some of our favorite Albums Unleashed Episodes are below:

Albums Unleashed – Alice Cooper’s ‘DaDa’ with guest Dick Wagner

Albums Unleashed – Skid Row ‘Self-Titled’ with guests Rachel Bolan and Michael Wagener

Albums Unleashed – Poison – ‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’ with guest Rikki Rockett

Albums Unleashed – Motley Crue ‘Self-Titled’ with guest John Corabi Parts 1 & 2

Albums Unleashed – Vinnie Vincent Invasion – ‘All Systems Go’ with guest Bobby Rock

Albums Unleashed – Tora Tora – ‘Wild America’ with guest Anthony Corder

Albums Unleashed – KISS – ‘Carnival of Souls’ – with guest Toby Wright Parts 1 & 2

Another popular format for Decibel Geek is the Conversation With… Series. Since 2011, Decibel Geek has had the privilege of speaking with some amazing guests. These are discussions, not interviews. While pertinent details such as current projects are discussed, Decibel Geek takes a more conversational approach using a loose long-form discussion format. Some of our more popular Conversation With… episodes are below:

Conversation with The Gene Simmons Band

Conversation with Perry Richardson

Conversation with Desmond Child

Conversation with Killer Dwarfs

Conversation with Paul Taylor

Other popular themes we cover are Year in Review, Bizarro Covers (Rock bands covering non-rock songs), Radio Sucks Radio Show (playing songs the radio ignores), and Six Songs (A celebrity guest picks Six Songs they Think You Should Hear).

To browse our full back catalog of shows within the website click HERE or on iTunes click HERE

We thank you for checking us out. While you’re here, listen to an episode (or two, or three, or more), read a bunch of the great articles, reviews, interviews, etc. and have a great time!

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