STALLION – From the Dead (Album Review)

Germany, it seems, is a hotbed of old school thrash metal bands and most seem to reside in the stable of the esteemed High Roller Records.

Stallion have trod this well-worn path to the HRR door and have released their sophomore full-length album in From The Dead.

This version of Stallion is from the Weingarten, Baden-Wurttemberg region of Germany and must not be confused with Stallion from Hilden, North Rhein-Westphalia, who purvey melodic metal. I hope it doesn’t end in tears.

I may have given the possibly false impression that the band is just your everyday thrash combo harking back to glory days of the 1980’s, but they are much more than that.

Whilst having the edge of a good thrash band with a good helping of aggression, From the Dead contains variety aplenty, with melodic guitar runs and considered solos.

Formed in 2013, Stallion have released 2 EPs, Mounting the World and 24/7 before they found their feet with 2014’s Rise and Ride.

Consisting of Pauly on vocals, Axxl and Olli Gee on guitars, Stampfe on bass and Aaron on drums, Stallion’s influences are clear. Classic Accept can be found nestling along with vocals similar to Blackie Lawless at his neck-bulging best/worst.

Pauly also has vocal sound very similar to that of a chap called The Rev. D of UK rockers Hospital of Death, and if anyone out there has heard of them, then I doff my cap to you. Niche.

There is no little Motley Crue influence there too.

Although they don’t admit it on their Facebook page, I reckon they are more thrash than anything else, whereas they see themselves more as speed/heavy metal. That’s just splitting hairs on my part as whatever pigeonhole we choose, the rock they give is high quality and extremely enjoyable.

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