1981 Year in Review Part 1 – Ep343


We’re hopping in the De Lorean and heading back in time this week for our 1981 Year in Review Part 1! So many things happened from January – June 1981 that you’re getting an earful this week! Wendy O. Williams arrested, Steven Tyler cheats death, and the Urban Cowboy fashion movement takes hold. Other stories include Ozzy eating a bird (uncooked), President Reagan in the crosshairs, riots in the UK, and much more.

1981 year in review part 1

1981 Year in Review Part 1


1981 in sports sees championships won by the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Dodgers. In the wrestling world, Hulk Hogan is having an identity crisis. We touch on these stories and more this week. Additionally, American television audiences are caught up in shows such as Three’s Company, M.A.S.H., Dukes of Hazzard and Love Boat. This week we’ll tell you the top 5 shows on 1981 and touch on our thoughts of them.

Our 1981 Year in Review Part 1 wouldn’t be complete without music. Notably,  you’ll get tracks from UFO, GenX, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Cirith Ungol, Hanoi Rocks, Accept, Van Halen, Y&T, and tons more!

Additionally, you’re getting another dose of nostalgia in the form of classic commercials and facts and numbers of 1981!

In summary, it’s a trip through time that’ll take you back. We hope you enjoy 1981 Year in Review Part 1 and SHARE with a friend!

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