Pounding Metal – A Tribute To Exciter (April 28, 2017)

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The original heavy metal maniacs, originators of thrash metal, godfathers of speed metal, Exciter had many labels, and all of them confirm the fact, that Exciter is the ultimate metal legends. As their debut album entitled Heavy Metal Maniac came out one month before Metallica‘s iconic Kill ‘Em All, many fans will agree that it’s the Canadian trio that actually invented thrash metal. Their story could fill a few thick books, and their albums have cult status between next generations of metal bands. Now, more than 30 years later, some of the best heavy metal bands, both young, and those who were already fighting for metal back in the day, in the ’80s, joined forces on the first ever Exciter tribute album. The Pounding Metal – A Tribute To Exciter compilation, produced by Bart Gabriel, is out on April 28 via Skol Records.

Pounding Metal – A Tribute To Exciter track listing:

01. Attacker (USA) “Cry Of The Banshee”

02. Evil Invaders (Belgium) “Violence & Force”

The legends Exciter

03. Crystal Viper (Poland) “Long Live The Loud”

04. Ironsword (Portugal) “Death Revenge”

05. Ranger (Finland) “Evil Sinner”

06. Ram (Sweden) “Beyond The Gates Of Doom”

07. Masters of Disguise (Germany) “Black Witch”

08. Savage Masters (USA) “Saxons Of The Fire”

09. October 31 (USA) “Stand Up And Fight”

10. Visigoth(USA) “Rising Of The Dead”

11. Gatekeeper (Canada) “Victims Of Sacrifice”

12.Vulture (Germany) “Feel The Knife”

Exciter was formed in 1978 (coincidentally, or not, the same year that Judas Priest released the track “Exciter”) by Dan Beehler (drums, vocals), John Ricci Allan (guitars) and James Johnson (bass). The band kept on thrashing for 10 years until a series of line-up changes blighted the band. Then, in 2014, Exciter announced the reunion of the original line-up which is where we stand today.

The band has released 11 studio, with the last being 2010’s Death Machine.



[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37gaeJ2xjaQ[/embedyt]

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