3 PARTS DEAD – Master (EP Review)

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3 Parts Dead logo 2Back in the early eighties, there were record stores in the mall, as well as free standing stores. The free standing stores were the real gems. That is where you could find just about any band that had an album out. It could be new, older or even import, but you were sure to find something that would catch your eye. Since the only way that I found news out was either “MTV” or from magazines. I would look through the magazines, a cool looking band, then go buy their tape at my local record store (Yes tapes!). Fast forward to today, now all you have to do to find new music is pretty much type something into your favorite web browser and bam, there is a million different things to check out. Makes finding new things to listen to a lot easier, especially if you were used to waiting a month to get the latest news, like back in the day. A new band has crossed onto my radar and I wanted to make everyone out there know that rock is not dead. I bring to you 3 Parts Dead with their new EP Master.

3 Parts Dead MasterWhat I really like about this EP is that it gives just enough music to say “when is the next EP or full-length album coming?” The EP kicks off with the track “My Mistake”. When the opening guitar lick starts I feel like I have been transported back to that record store and I found a new band to check out. The song feels like rock from the eighties with a little modern “in your face” twist. I hear so many bands that I grew up listening to, in this one song. It is nice to see that there are bands that you can hear their influences in the songs, rather than try to reinvent the wheel. The song is a great taste of what is coming next. “Summer of Sam” is the second song of this three track EP. The song kicks in with a nice chugging guitar riff. This caught the foot tapping. The chorus for this song reminds me of driving with the music cranked up and the windows down. The guitar solo for the song caught me a little of guard. I was not expecting a fast solo, but rather something slower. That was a nice surprise for me. The two things that usually catch my ear, the singers voice and the solo.

The Master EP rounds out with the song “The Mirror”. Every song got a little better than the last. This is my favorite. I really enjoyed everything that this song had to offer. A chorus that sticks in your head and nice guitar work. After listening to this song I spent a day and a half with this bouncing around in my head. I like the way these guys sound. It’s in your face rock. There is nothing not to like. I enjoyed the sleazy rock sound. There is so much craziness out in the world, that everyone deserves a little down time. If you want to check out something fun, I would recommend 3 Parts Dead and their Master EP.

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