AMERICAN DOG – Unfinished Business (December 7, 2017)

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US rockers American Dog are set to release a best-of compilation, Unfinished Business, via Bad Reputation Records on December 7, 2017. It is a heady mix of studio and live recordings plus bonuses of a soundcheck and a couple of outtakes taken from their 20 years in existence.

This is American Dog‘s story:

After the blistering authentic blue metal of Salty Dog and Hilljack, big things were expected from cackling witch of a bassist Michael Hannon, now singing and wisecracking with a caustic power that was able to slice through his own competing Lemmy-mad bass attack. Expectations were fully filled, like a cheap warm pitcher of PBR, and American Dog was born, with secret weapon being superhero axeman Steve Theado, basically Joe Perry and Slash wrassling with all the Skynyrd alumni.

Featuring through these near twenty years now of high-test hound dog rock are a series of powerhouse drummers—and even a rare four-man lineup—but for the duration, what you got with American Dog is a potent power trio cross between the hard-charged bee-line of Motörhead and Aerosmith. As for lyrics, well, it’s Ted Nugent style.

To be regional, however, one might conjecture American Dog as the redneck biker rendition redux of The Godz, and to tie the knot, this very compilation includes a latter-day Godz member on tap. But really, we’re talking about The God of The Godz, Eric Moore in all his 1978 glory.

As Hannon so vociferously argues, despite being excluded from the major label system and a tour circuit reserved for the less boldly outspoken, American Dog has managed records that sound very expensive, guitar work that would make Gary Moore slink out the back of the bar, and songs that explosively manage old school rock ‘n’ roll spirit but deep enough into the domain of metal to keep any self-respecting headbanger banged-up and beered-up ‘til the crack of dawn.

Here are the hits for when your head hurts, but you’d best treat this two-fister of a package as your noon drinking, and stumble off into the deep tracks of the band’s bulging catalog once the pump is surely primed. A whole pile of real deal rock will wreck the rest of your long day, but rest assured, red, white, black and blue never felt so good.

American Dog line-up : 
Michael Hannon (Vocals, Bass), Steve Theado (Guitars), Vinnie Salvatore (Guitars), Michael Harris (Drums)

Unfinished Business tracklisting:

Disc One:
“Barely Half Alive”
“TV Disease”
“Last of a Dying Breed”
“Drank Too Much”
“Can’t Throw Stones”
“I Keep Drinkin’ (You’re Still Ugly)”
“Bullshit (Goddammit)”
“Workin’ Man”
“Sometimes You Eat the Pussy”
“Rock-n-Roll Dog”
“Magnificent Bastard”
“Cat Has Got You By the Tongue”
“Just One More”
“Just Like Charlie Sheen”
“Bathroom Romance”
“Rock It”
“Merry Christmas Asshole!”

Disc Two:
“Unfinished Business”
“I’m Offended”

Neanderthal Tour Live
Route 33 Rhythm and Brews, Wapakoneta, Ohio

“Shitkicker” (Live)
“Carnivore” (Live)
“Dirty Fun” (Live)
“Stuck in the Mud” (Live)
“Human Garbage Can” (Live)
“Devil Dog” (Live)
“The Real Nitty Gritty” (Live)
“Beaten, Broken, Etc.” (Live)
“Boozehound” (Live)
“We Ain’t Gonna Not Get Drunk Tonight” (Live)
“Neanderthal” (Live)
“Who’s She Killing Now” (Live)
“Dog Eat Dog” (Live)

Soundcheck Recording Wapakoneta, Ohio
“Sun Won’t Shine”

Six Pack outtakes
“Out of the Sun”
“Train Kept a Rollin’”





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