DEADHEADS – This One Goes To 11 (January 26, 2018)

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High Roller Records is pleased to announce the release Deadheads‘ new album, entitled This One Goes To 11, out January 26, 2018.

If you like the early days of Action Rock, and you’ve missed out on Deadheads you should stop what you’re doing right now and give it a go!

The Deadheads formed in the lovely city of Gothenburg in 2011.

They issued three 7″ singles on Ghost Highway Records from Spain as well as two further singles on Strange Magic Records (USA). You can find songs like “Live On”, “Freak Out”, “Lose My Mind” or “Deadheads” on their High Roller debut album This Is Deadheads First Album (It Includes Electric Guitars) issued in 2014.

With tracks like the fuzzed up “There’s A Hole In The Sky”, the more laid-back “Empty Howls” (with shades of early Fleetwood Mac) and “Let Loose The Fool”, proto-punk in the vein of the Dead Boys, Dictators, Johnny Thunders and New York Dolls, the band’s second album Loadead from 2015 showed an even broader scope, a wider appeal than the Deadheads‘ first album. 

The new release This One Goes To 11 is the band’s new album.

Was it in any way difficult to write and record the material? A lot of people do not believe in the myth of the “difficult third album”. Singer/guitarist Manne Olander had this to say, “At the beginning, it was indeed a bit difficult,” is his straight answer. “Our bass player Sigge left us about a year ago, we played the Storm Crusher festival, and then a week later we had a meeting over a few beers and he told us the news. Me, Tim and Rickard were eager though to work with new songs and decided to do the album anyway”.

Olander continues, “We talked a little bit about asking Olle Griphammar (our former original bass player), we really like his way of bass playing and his songwriting skills. So we did and he was thrilled to once again join forces.”

Olander agrees with thoughts that the album is more punky around the edges, “You might be right, we want it to sound like Deadheads, so far we have no plans to try to do something else. We are very proud of our raw power rock and roll, and the songs are great. I can honestly say that I think it’s the best album we have made so far and probably one of the best rock albums of 2018. I think we have a pretty clear picture of what we want a rock album to sound like. You need the attitude and speed, but there should also be room for dynamics and melodies.”





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