42 DECIBEL – Overloaded (Album Review)

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42 Decibel - OverloadedMake no mistake, when you listen to 42 Decibel, you know what you’re going to get: heavy, bluesy riffs, shredding lead guitar and a rock solid rhythm section. With they’re newest CD, Overloaded, they take it to another level. The name is intentional as the goal was to push their equipment to its limits. Yet, they maintain enough control of their sound so that it doesn’t muffled. With the exception of the opening track, “Whiskey Joint” (a great opening track regardless), the songs are mixed well.

One listen of 42 Decibel and you’ll swear you’re listening to old school AC/DC. But the kicker is leader singer Junior Figueroa’s voice. He sounds like a grittier version of Bon Scott. Oh, and he’s the lead guitarist, so he plays the part of Scott AND Angus Young. Even playing double duty, he doesn’t overshadow the rest of the band. Each play a key role to their overall sound.

42 Decibel Group ShotNo stranger to alcohol-fueled lyrics, Overloaded kicks off with the aforementioned “Whiskey Joint”. It continues with the first single, the fiery “Dangerous Mess“. This may be the strongest track on the album. With song titles like “Brawler,” Roadkiller,” Half Face Dead” and Cause Damage,” you get a great sense of the hard rock riffs that go with them. They don’t let up at all.

My personal highlights are the last two songs of the CD. “Double Itch Blues,” clocking in at 6:58, is about as mellow as these guys get. The intro grooves for a full minute before the lyrics start up. An extended guitar solo shows off Figueroa’s chops without going overboard. They save that for the heavy and fun closer “Cannon Fodder.”

While they have a heavy 70’s vibe, they also sound modern. A great nod to their influences, but definitely with their own style mixed in. If you think the future of rock music is in danger, look no further than these Argentinean rockers. Overloaded will cure any fears.

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