63 MONROE – Last Exit to Rawk n Roll (CD/Show Review)

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63 monroe 1297750230729_originalI don’t camp, at least not since the tornado incident in the late 90’s. I rarely go to the beach; I am a Caribbean water snob. So on a long weekend Saturday night we have some free time, my wife and I. Thankfully one of our favourite bands has a show and that is the legendary 63 Monroe.

I was particularly gnarly for the show and music; I had been golfing all afternoon with my brother and a couple friends. I hardly and rarely golf, but I do enjoy it and it was a fun day. On the drive home, Marky Ramone’s show was on SiriusXM. Talk about a sign! The golf guys came over to the house afterwards and we spun some vinyl, maybe that got me right into the rock n’ roll mood further, not that I need anything to get into the mood!

Arrived early enough for the opening band, Rape The Pavement, who I think are really good young guys with a Blink 182 sound, though the drummer pounds like Dave Lombardo of Slayer. Good sound! Being a nice evening we hung outside on the patio patiently awaiting 63 Monroe. Once they came on it was pure energy, I spoke with Steven, Pete, and Brian a little before the show begging for some songs to be played….coming soon I am told which is great news! What can I say; I love this band, their energy, and their method: nothing is left on the table. In fact, they blast the table and everything on it to pieces delivering their music and rawk attitude, with a smile!

As for the CD, I was given an oldie from the band circa 2006 that has 15 tracks on it. 3 of them are some of my fave songs which I have here for you to listen. I wish I could tell you where to buy it, I think there are limited quantities left but I can always find out I am sure. The recordings were done after their first reformation around that time and, in my opinion, stand the test of time both pre/post and current punk rock n’ roll scene.

“2:38” is written by bass player and singer Pete, and can this song speak to the heart of what makes me move and groove when 63 Monroe music is on, same deal with The Ramones…both bands give me the shakes and this song sums it up for me.

“Keeping Me Away” is a simple fun song about what some of us like to do: drink! Tongue in cheek perhaps, or not. Regardless the chorus is unbeatable.

“Little Miss Attitude” is a tune that when our daughter hears says “Oh this is about me”. While she currently listens to Taylor Swift and other pop artists (which I take no issue with, I do like pop music too!) I have confidence one day she will be cranking this tune as much as I do. She does have a great attitude by the way simply because she tries to listen to all styles of music.
I missed this band in their first go around late 70’s and early 80’s simply because I did not live in the southwestern Ontario area, not even in the province. I missed their second go round from about 2002-2006 because we had two young children at that point. Now that we have a break in our lives that permit Tan and I to rawk out, we take every opportunity we can to see this band and others. In a couple weeks they play an afternoon benefit show that our son is really looking forward to, if only he was allowed in bars for night shows he would be there as well each and every time!

Blair De Abreu

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