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my top 10 albums of 2015

The year is done with new music and what a year it has been! With almost 130 releases for me to go through to try and break it down to my personal top 10 favourites wasn’t easy! As a fan of different styles of music, it was hard to rate these. Depending on how I felt that day and what I want to listen to, one would rate high on the list, then shortly after fall short. Because the Symphonic Metal genre is so new to me (last couple of years), this style has ranked high for me. My love for Melodic Rock has never drifted but music flavours have just increased. These are My Top Ten Albums of 2015.

So let’s get right to it!!

10 Voodoo Circle-Whisky FingersVoodoo CircleWhiskey Fingers          

David Readman is one of my favourite singers from the German hard rock band Pink Cream 69. With their 4th release, Voodoo Circle doesn’t disappoint. With their “Whitesnake influence”, this band full of great talent, gets back in the studio with an exceptional release. This could have been higher in my top 10 but there was some stiff competition. A great hard rock album.


9 – KKHYMERA tgd mhymeraThe Grand Design

New to this band and not knowing any of their history, then finding out that Dennis Ward from Pink Cream 69 was the writer and singer, I had to check it out. He has been in a few other bands as well which get regular play on my player.

Dennis has done a great job in all aspects of this release. Even though this band has never played live, maybe with enough success from this release we can realize this dream of a live performance coming true. A great melodic rock album.

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Album Review – Khymera – The Grand Design

8 – Rroomexperience-regular-fulloom ExperienceRoom Experience

Déjà Vu. David Reedman, what can I say. David has done a handful of projects and always gives a stellar performance on vocals. This new project for David was no less than perfect and leaves me wanting more. Melodic rock once again.

7 Sirenia-The-Seventh-Life-Path SireniaThe Seventh Life Path

This was my most anticipated album for 2015 along side with Nightwish. Even though Nightwish didn’t make my top 10 it was a great release. For Symphonic Metal, Sirenia is on top for me. A great CD and I thought it might be my top pick, but with so many amazing releases for 2015 I am happy to have it in my top 10.

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Album Review – Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path

6 Kiske Somerville-City Of Heroes Kiske/SomervilleCity Of Heroes

Another treat from these 2 outstanding vocalists. I enjoyed the first release and anything Kiske touches. I was asked to do a review on this CD and was a little nervous on the request as this would be my first published review. Playing this over 10 times when I first got my copy, I was ready to put pen to paper. I spun this a couple more times recently and well deserved in the top 10. Looking forward to seeing this duo keep the momentum going, and it would be great to see them hit the stage and play some of these songs live. More of a melodic rock sound.

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Album Review – Kiske/Somerville – City Of Heroes

5 Crystal Ball-LiferiderCrystal BallLifeRider

Without knowing anything about this band, I was asked to do a review. That hard hitting melodic rock sound blew me away. With this band from Switzerland, they are right up with 2 of my favourite bands from Switzerland Gotthard and Shakra.

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Album Review – Crystal Ball – LifeRider

4 –Ascendia album AscendiaThe Lion And The Jester

Facebook can open the doors to so many new things, good or bad. This was a good find with this incredible band from Toronto Canada. After checking out some videos and listening to their style, I was expecting them to be European! Much to my surprise, they are Canadian. With their debut release, this year this band is getting international exposure with their symphonic hard rock.

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Album Review – Ascendia – The Lion And The Jester

3 Magnus Karlsson's Kingdom of RockMagnus Karlsson’s Free FallKingdom Of Rock

With only the 2nd release of Karlsson’s Free Fall, I couldn’t wait to hear this CD with the stellar lineup of singers. Jorn, David Readman (in my top 10 for the 3rd time) and so many others, but my favourite is Harry Hess of Harem Scarem. A great album for any rock fan to have in their collection.

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Album Review – Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall – Kingdom Of Rock

2 battlebeastunholycd2015 Battle BeastUnholy Savior

Much anticipated for me as I really liked their previous releases. This never let me down and is my top CD of Battle Beast. Just an overall amazing hard rocking CD and I knew it would be one of my top for 2015 every since it came out early in the year.

1 –Kingof-kingscover Leaves’ EyesKing Of Kings

This was a surprise for me with this release. As a fan of their past albums but not on top of my list, I wasn’t expecting this album to blow me away. Right from the intro to the end, this album had me in a trance. After listening to it at least 10 times, I was ready to write my review. A truly remarkable symphonic metal album.

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Album Review – Leaves’ Eyes – King Of Kings


Now that is my feeling of the top 10 releases for 2015. So many other great releases I would want to mention that were close to breaking the top 10. Sweet/Lynch, Eclipse, House Of Lords, Kamelot, Millennial Reign, The Murder Of My Sweet, Ten, The Radio Sun.

For 2016, there will be some great new releases on the way. A few of these exciting releases would be Primal Fear, Avantasia, Tango Down, Rage Of Angels, Last In Line, and the new band Nordic Union, which you will hear about soon!

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

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