ABANDONED SOULS – Make it Last (Album Review)

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Abandoned Souls Make It LastMake it Last, is the latest release from Canada’s hard rockers Abandoned Souls. Released  April 29, 2017, on Fiend Records, it is the band’s first issue since 2014’s Insightful Minds at Ease. Known for their powerful sounds, Abandoned Souls stay close to their identity with the latest release.  The EP kicks off with a bang showcasing some powerful riffs and lead singer (and former band bassist) James Todd’s melodic vocals on the track “Prove It”. Next up is the title track “Make it Last” which was also chosen for the lyric video and no surprise here. From the very first notes of the song, it is easy to see (or hear) that this song is special.  My personal favorite on the EP, this track really showcases Todd’s vocals at their best.

“Best of Me” begins with a hard-hitting riff that keeps up the pace throughout the entire song. The melody is catching and I found myself tapping along to the beat from the very first listen. “Stand Out Front” rounds out the fast pace of this EP.

Including a ballad as a track on a five-song EP might have been risky in some cases, however, Abandoned Souls makes it work to their advantage.  With all the touchstones of a great power ballad; soulful vocals, awesome guitar work and  sentimental lyrics (“Now you’re not here, with me.”),  “So Through” really showcases the range and diversity of this band.

I loved the pace of the EP and the musical ride from pounding opening notes of “Prove It” to the last soulful note of “So through”. There’s nothing better than finding new music to like and I will definitely be checking out more of Abandoned Soul.

Based in London, Ontario, Abandoned Souls was formed in 2004 and released their first album, Circle Of Shadows at the beginning of 2005. In 2014  bassist James Todd took over the lead vocals full time and Reagan Thorne was added as bassist.

Abandoned Souls1 Prove It

2 Make It Last

3 Best of Me

4 Stand out Front

5 So Through

Band Members:

James Todd – lead vocals, Derek De Kort – guitar & vocals, Tom Dobrentey – drums & vocals, Reagan Thorne – bass & vocals

BUY: Make It Last

Official Website / Facebook

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDO7lxFtt0c[/embedyt]

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