Accept-Eat The Heat: Who’s That Singer?

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Accept-Eat The Heat 1This week on the Decibel Geek Podcast Episode #200 hosts Chris Czynszak and Aaron Camaro discuss and spin tracks from familiar bands sung by less familiar singers. One selection was Accept and the track “Final Journey” from their 2014 released Blind Rage album. Blind Rage is the third outing for the German Heavy Metal band that sees Mark Tornillo as the frontman in the place best known to be held by Udo Dirkschneider. Mark Tornillo (ex.-T.T. Quick) joined Accept in 2010 for their Blood Of The Nations album, followed by Staingrad in 2012 and then Blind Rage last year. I wholeheartedly agree that this resurgence of Accept is a force to be reckoned with (Blind Rage appeared in mine and other staff’s top of 2014 lists as well), but way back in 1989 Accept recorded another album without the then signature vocals of Udo Dirkschneider. That album was entitled Eat The Heat and showcased the vocal talents of David Reece who you may know from Bangalore Choir, Gypsy Rose (Sweden) and EZ Livin’ and who is currently the frontman for another German Heavy Metal band, Bonfire.

Eat The Heat begins with a little guitar noodling on “X-T-C” before the power charged riffs start up. The track charges and pounds along with Reece‘s vocals in the forefront for a great song. Maybe a bit of a departure from previous Accept formulas, but still a good song. “Generation Clash” is ridiculously, insanely catchy with it’s thumping bass line leading the pounding charge for the over six minutes of run time. This song was re-recorded once Dirkschneider rejoined Accept and appeared as “Generation Clash II” on the second album after the reunition, 1994’s Death Row. The third slot on Eat The Heat finds “Chain Reaction” which (is where I start to lose interest). “Chain Reaction”, and it’s Accept-Eat The Heat 2successors the ballady “Love Sensation” and “Turn The Wheel” are largely forgettable generic of the times rock songs. Not absolutely terrible, just definitely not awe-inspiring by any means. “Hellhammer” however carries a little more punch with it for a track that I have become quite comfortable with although the chorus is less than inventive and overly repetitive. Accept using keyboards just doesn’t seem right, yet that’s what comes with “Prisoner”, a great late 80’s rocker, but certainly not a “classic” Accept track. “I Can’t Beleive In You” implements a background vocal choir during the chorus with it’s thumping backbeat that drives along this rather catchy cut. Listening to the abysmal, painful ballad “Mistreated” is akin to the sound of fingernails running down a chalkboard to me. I find the spelling of “Stand 4 What U R” to be annoying. What are we thirteen-year-old girls texting? “Break The Ice” serves to ramp up the action again, but it’s “D-Train” that’s the gem of Eat The Heat with its breakneck pace, harkening back to the Accept of old.

This was to be the only album Accept recorded with David Reece and it’s rumored that a behind-stage fight at the Vic Theater in Chicago between Reece and Baltes led to the band splitting up, and the tour subsequently cancelled.

It’s quite a departure for Accept, especially at that time without Udo Dirkschneider‘s unmistakeable gravel raked tones leading the charge, but Reece is a phenomenal and distinctive vocalist. Ignore the overtly obvious glammy cover photos there are a handful of awesome tracks in amongst this foray into average 80’s vein rockers delivered by Accept. If you’re expecting your “Balls To The Wall”/“Fast As A Shark” Accept don’t look here. If you’re looking for some decent late 80’s glam tinged rock with some pounding rhythms, some decent riffs and solid vocals give Eat The Heat a chance. Personally I love Reece‘s vocals and anything with his name on it is gold if you ask me. Just check out bands like Tango Down (Identity Crisis is a great album) or Wicked Sensation (Wicked Sensation-Adrenaline Rush Review) featuring David Reece.


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