Acer Fury – Crazy King (April 29, 2016)

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Acer Fury Crazy King (2016)Presenting the first ever Decibel Geek sponsored CD release! German heavy metal band Acer Fury was formed way back in 1986 in Kempten Im Allgau, Bavaria. The guys in the band were lead vocalist Arnie Arnraldi, guitar slingers U.B. Vincent and Chris J. White, bass player Ö-li and the drum stool was occupied by Gary G. In 1989 they released a self-financed 7” vinyl with the songs ”Crazy King” b/w ”Village in Rage”. Both the cover art and the title of this CD are taken from that vinyl single.

Acer Fury continued to write and record songs throughout the rest of the 1980’s and the first half of the 1990’s but no songs were officially released until a demo tape appeared in 1993 called ”Spider Shaped Letterbox Thoughts”. It is not included on this compilation and signalled a change of style to adapt to what was popular at the time. Besides the 7” songs the other tunes on this compilation were recorded from 1988 through to 1992, prior to the release of the demo tape.

Acer Fury - Crazy King Back CoverAcer Fury successfully continues the legacy created by bands like Accept, Noisehunter, and Stormwitch. White and Vincent trade solos and lead guitar parts like a dynamic duo with Gary G.’s beat steadily setting the pace for the songs. Shouter Arni Arnraldi has a clear but still personal vocal style that perfectly fits the texture of these songs and bass man Ö-li provides some heavy, groovy bass lines.

The album has been carefully remastered by Sasch Machyne for the best possible audio. This CD is released with full band participation and involvement and comes with a full colour 8-page booklet with lyrics to all the songs. The album should appeal to fans of classic 80’s heavy metal.

Acer Fury‘s Crazy King will be available from Battle Cry Records, Mighty Monster Records, and Decibel Geek on April 29, 2016.

BUY: Acer Fury – Crazy King (Coming Soon)

Battlecry Records Website / Mighty Monster Records Website

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