ADAM’S APPLE – Releases From 2nd June (Feature)

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So, I was shuffling through my Apple Music Playlists last week and got to New Releases and thought it may be fun to give a quick overview of the records on offer and my initial random irreverent conclusions based upon hearing no more than a couple of the songs.  This lead to our esteemed Ed-Itter The Meister asking whether I would like to write a regular column on this…And, here we are!

Friday 2nd June is where we start.  On this day, I found several rock releases that may be of interest to readers of this here site.  Whether these albums are rock as we know it, I don’t know, but some are interesting and some are plain old disappointing.

First off, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame has released his latest pension plan with Is This The Life We Really WantHearing this took me back to my school days when The Wall was all the rage.  It has the feel of Dire Straits, but without the interesting songs. It seems the same old world-weary stuff that David Bowie had on Blackstar…Not much to see here rock fans.

Buy: The Life We Really Want

On a better note, metalcore veterans Miss May I released Shadows Inside and this is a great record on first listen, full of melody and aggression and technicality that sets them apart from many of their peers.  The choruses are so good!  Get your ears on if you like a bit of metalcore and enjoy tech metal.  Highlights are the title track, along with “My Destruction”.  The cover art is also cool, so that is a plus eh?

Buy: Shadows Inside

A lighter experience can be found by Flogging Molly‘s folk rock and their latest ball of wax, Life Is Good.  Think the Dropkick Murphys or the Pogues and the high tempo music is a joy.  Yeah, no wholly rock, but life is good with this record.  Highlights include “Adamstown” and “Reptiles (We Woke Up)“.  Catch a listen if you like some Celtic blood with your vinyl.

Buy: Life Is Good

The most dire release has to be Linkn Park and their pop record One More Light.  Dear me!  This is a stinker if you liked their earlier work.  It sounds so much like any other R&B band and there is more punch with One Direction.  I can’t believe they would produce such disappointing stuff, but they have.  “Talking To Myself” is the only high spot here.  Will sell bucketloads, but not sure their old fans will appreciate this bland fest….Owww!

Buy: One More Light

Best release of the week has to be SikTh with The Future In Whose Eyes?, which is a masterpiece of technical goth metal.  It is like a more diverse Atreyu and is brilliant.  I have only just started listening to it, but am well impressed.  The record is a real melting pot of metal, rock, pop, goth, metalcore, death – you name it….A fine release, which all should hear.  Perhaps they should show Linkn Park how it is done?

Buy: The Future In Whose Eyes?

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